The Prophets Speak ~ July 25 – July 30

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Don’t forget to tune in to Joel Richardson tonight on “The Prophets Speak” series!  All of our “Prophets Speak” services are live streamed  and begin with worship at 7:00pm.  

Monday              7/25/16      Joel Richardson

Tuesday              7/26/16      Joel Richardson

Wednesday         7/27/16      Pastor Charles Smith

Thursday             7/28/16     Pastor Joe Campbell

Friday                  7/29/16      Pastor Clete

Saturday              7/30/16     Movie Night in the Chapel

Join us here on Grace Street at Morningside or become a member of our Live stream studio audience!  


One thought on “The Prophets Speak ~ July 25 – July 30

  1. the horses are out ,white war on terror for world peace, Red, unrest, socialism and violence . Black world trade, and Pale nature and global warming . The souls have cried out over two hundred years of Christians being beheaded at the spot the cover it up with the Vatican and there told to wait till the mark of the beast and there brothers die like them Rev14,6-13 and the first trumpet has sounded but what fallows has not happened yet the mystery of the trumpets , Bless you John a voice crying in the wilderness tell the word strait ,

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