Russia and Belarus continue joint exercises as NATO and allies discuss sending more supplies and weapons

Ukrainian Border Guards Ukrainian border guards at their positions near the country’s border with Belarus, Ukraine, on Friday. PHOTO: GLEB GARANICH/REUTERS

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Important Takeaways:

  • The exercises involving joint air patrols and paratrooper landings begin the day after the Belarusian Security Council Chairman Pavel Muraveyko said Minsk was ready to respond to any threats from Ukraine and that the situation on the border was currently tense.
  • Over the weekend, the two armed forces also carried out joint artillery exercises.
  • [Meanwhile] Representatives of more than 50 countries supporting Ukraine are set to gather in Ramstein, Germany, to discuss provisions for Kyiv and pledge fresh supplies later this month. The U.S.-led assembly, known as the contact group, includes all countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and allies, including Japan, South Korea and Australia, offering lethal and nonlethal aid.
  • Ukraine is expected to receive Patriot missile systems, which Ukrainian officials say would hobble Russia’s missile attacks that have wreaked havoc on Ukraine’s civilian and critical infrastructure. Some Western officials also said that the first-ever shipment of Western-made main battle tanks could also be announced at the Friday meeting in Ramstein.

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