Russia says Ukraine planning an attack in Crimea is outside the scope of the special military operation

Ukrainian soldiers from the 60th Battalion of Territorial Defence, are shooting rounds into Russian positions with an S60 anti-aircraft canon placed on a truck, outside Bakhmut CREDIT: Anadolu

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Important Takeaways:

  • Ukraine-Russia war: Ukraine ‘planning Storm Shadow attack on Crimea’
  • Ukraine is reportedly planning to attack occupied Crimea with Himars and British Storm Shadow missile, Russia has claimed in a warning to Kyiv and the West.
  • Sergei Shoigu, the Russian defense minister, said that Russia would retaliate if Ukraine started hitting the territory that Vladimir Putin annexed in 2014
  • “The use of these missiles outside the zone of our special military operation would mean that the United States and Britain would be fully dragged into the conflict and would entail immediate strikes on decision-making centers in Ukraine,” warned Mr Shoigu.
  • Crimea may become within target of Ukraine’s arsenal of missiles and artillery as its counter offensive pushes further south. Ukraine says it has recaptured 113 square km (44 square miles) of land from Russian forces.

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