Security & Economy, Greatest Threats to Americans ~ Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner is a true Christian leader for today.  Founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries and Heritage International Ministries, he has authored more than forty books.  His opinion is sought after by leaders all over the world for his no nonsense, biblical, and common sense approach.

Rick is a true friend to Morningside. We truly respect his prophetic take on U.S. and world events and we understand his prophetic relationship with God.

Here are two recent posts from Rick regarding our economy. .  Don’t forget that Rick Joyner will be here at Morningside, February 16th at 11:30am, for taping of the Jim Bakker Show!   

Rick Joyner 1-2-16 Facepost Post

The 2 biggest issues with the majority of Americans at this time are: #1 – Security, and #2 – the economy. It is likely that they will remain the top two until election, though they may occasionally change which one is on top. I think these are both the greatest threats to us at this time. I want to begin the year both illuminating the reasons for the crises we’re now facing, but also possible solutions, and will start with security because it does not matter how well you’re doing economically if you’re dead.

We will begin with the major sources of security threats:

1) Porous borders

2) Incompetent immigration procedures

3) Rogue nations with or attaining nuclear weapons and other WMD’s

4) Incompetent leaders and strategy at DHS

5) Weakening of U.S. military by cutbacks and the purging of competent leadership

6) Weakening of FBI and Intelligence Agencies

7) Cyber Security

8) Recent systematic attacks on law enforcement

9) Economic attacks intended to weaken the nation

10) Gov. policies weakening the economy and thereby weakening our ability to address the above

Any one of these areas could be the open door through which we suffer a crippling attack. If we are to be secure each of these must be addressed. Please share your ideas.

1/4/16 Rick Joyner Facebook Post

The Dow is off more than 400 points as I write, mostly on the bad news out of China. I warned about this news in my first post of the NY on Jan.2, and how this news of the Chinese slowdown would impact the whole world. The world economy is in a very dangerous place, and our world leaders are mostly politicians, not economists, and don’t understand world economics enough to lead us through what is coming. We are entering into very treacherous waters in many areas now, but I expect the economy to eclipse just about every other crisis as the #1 issue on the minds of people in the not too distant future. We need to not only pray for our leaders, but pray for leaders that can navigate through the times we’re entering.


2 thoughts on “Security & Economy, Greatest Threats to Americans ~ Rick Joyner

  1. The ONLY ANSWER are the peaceful, confident actions that maintain good faith and appreciation that in this system you can do even do that. In the present situation the scriptures say that fasting and prayer are THE ANSWER. I beg you, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ON THAT TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE SINCERE. The scriptures say that when a nation reaches this point only fasting and prayer will work.
    Give thanks and pray for all the many men and women who right now are risking their lives to make sure you have the freedom to do that. Please also know that on the international level there are also men and women of many nations working very hard every day to prevent world war. Please always pray for them also. Always keep your mind on Him, dedicate all your every action to Him, and remember to love and serve, for remember the message in the song: They will know you are Christians by your love, by your love, they will know you are Christians by your love. You are right on the answer.

  2. Thank the LORD for all his benifits.For Father gives us a spirit of power not fear.For GOD is with thee in all we do.Im looking for parteners to fast and pray for blessings to america.For Gods mercy endures forever.We need to be in alingment with the will of YAHW.He is my pa pa.But by fasting and prayer do certain evil spirits have to flee.Im feeling led to start a three day fast,and would like some help. may the LORD lead us all to come in unity and one mind.thanks,sincerly tim borders,flint,mi

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