Staying the Course with Bishop Ron Webb

Psalm 119:32-33 32 I will quickly obey your commands, because you have made me happy. 33 Lord, teach me your demands, and I will keep them until the end.

Thursday July 2nd, Morningside had a breakthrough night as Bishop Ron Webb preached the grace and blessings of God!  This 4th of July week has been focused on spiritual warfare and remembering that the greater the attack the greater are God’s blessings for you!

“Stay the Course!”  Bishop Webb encouraged, “I know you are hurting! You are at the point of falling apart but God is able to hold you together!  Above all you ask or think, the power is in you!  You are going to live through everything the devil threw at you!”

“David’s life depicts warfare”  Bishop reminded the crowd, “ David wore many different mantles.  He was a musician, songwriter, King and warrior but above all that, David was a worshiper.  Worshipers know how to grab the heart of God. Worshipers ALWAYS win! “

The evening was filled with praise and worship as those in the audience let go of the battles in their life and gave them to God.  “Some of you are in the same place as David was in, fighting battle after battle. But I am here to remind you that you have survived it all and you are here to show EVERYONE the Glory of GOD!  Stay the course!”


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