Survey shows 41% of Americans are looking for more hours or side jobs to make ends meet

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Important Takeaways:

  • ‘Everyone Is Struggling:’ As Inflation Soars, 41 Percent Need Side Jobs to Help Pay for Monthly Expenses
  • Before prices at the pump and supermarkets started taking off, economists noticed a growing number of Americans putting money toward credit card debt or building their savings.
  • Now, according to a new survey by Bankrate, 41 percent of Americans need a side income just to help pay for monthly expenses from housing to utilities to food.
  • According to Bankrate, inflation is driving more than a third of Americans to increase working hours due to rising prices.
  • 23-year-old Shaina Bourne felt the need to drop out of college due to her tight budget.
  • After becoming a full-time nanny, Shaina soon realized she would need more money to make ends meet. That forced her to turn a hobby into a second job.
  • As the cost of living continued to go up, Shaina then picked up a third job. “The extra money is going towards my immediate bills,” she said. “I’ve gone through my finances over and over and over and it’s like there’s a little extra needed in each place. Whether it is gas or groceries, even rent has actually taken an uptick in the last few months.”

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