Ted Cruz’s Speech ~ Rick Joyner’s thoughts

Like many of us, Rick Joyner has been watching the Republican National Convention. Soon after Ted Cruz’s speech he took a few moments to share his thoughts on Facebook.

By Rick Joyner


He articulated the issues as well as anyone has, powerfully, eloquently, and with a passion I for one believe he is sincere. Trump endorsed Cruz and his beliefs by giving him the platform to speak at the RNC. For Cruz not to have endorsed Trump will fortify to many that he still has ulterior, selfish motives, and is more concerned about running again in four years than he is for his country, and for the principles he espoused. How many times did he say during the campaign that we don’t have four more years? How many times did we hear him say that the SCOTUS will be changed for a generation at least by the next president? To me his speech tonight was like the baseball hit that looks like the home run that will win the game right until the end, but then it curves and is a just a long foul ball that only brings disappointment. I’m just sayin…”  

A few hours later, Pastor Rick added an additional post for his Facebook followers:  

“By the responses to the Ted Cruz speech, both the boos at the end of it at the RNC, and the responses on SM, Ted may have blown his chance for a future run tonight. I think all of the candidates who stepped forward in the first debate and said they would support the Republican nominee, and have failed to do so, have all cost themselves a place of future leadership in the party or the country. Trump was the only one who did not step forward that night because he was not going to be pressured by the media to take such a vow, and wanted to know who the candidate was. He was at least honest, and most of the others have kept their word too, but those who didn’t it will be hard to trust again.

For Gov. Kaisch to not even attend the RNC held in his own state is an offense to all Republicans. He too made the vow, but obviously he and the establishment politicians of the old order believe you can say anything just to get elected, but don’t have to actually keep your word. Jeb Bush was a boring candidate, but he was liked, and trusted, until he too failed to keep his word.

What did Ted mean tonight with “vote your conscience.” According to his own principles that he ran on, Trump is the only one he could vote for if he did that, so why wouldn’t he say that? This could have been a big night for Ted, and a huge boost for the GOP, but I think it could now be the night that killed his future.

I’m grieved because I think Ted was one of the strongest potential future leaders, especially with some executive experience in a Trump cabinet. Even so, going back to the grace we talked about earlier, I have resolved not to give up on anyone if they can still fog a mirror. The power of the cross is greater than our failures. Even so, people are not so quick to forgive and trust, so it is going to take a miracle for people’s trust to be restored in Ted after tonight.”


6 thoughts on “Ted Cruz’s Speech ~ Rick Joyner’s thoughts

  1. Ted Cruz isn’t running anymore, but Trump and Hillary are. I agree with Rick Joyner that we now have to vote for the platform. This isn’t a popularity contest this is the future of our country. Hillary= more dead babies, loss of more of our hard earned freedoms, ie; speech, religion, self determination, etc. Donald Trump= abolish abortion, reverse obamacare, restore the economy and in spite of all of his faults I believe he’s not part of the current political machine. We deserve to believe and follow the constitution as it was written!!!

  2. All of you missed the point. Jesus “Raises Up Kings” and he did NOT raise up Ted Cruz.

    This election is not about Hilary or Trump. It is about YOU! We are all evil according to Jesus so your focus should be on the platform and NOT the person. Are you going to choose the killing of babies in the womb or choose life. Are you going to choose homo marriage or marriage between a man and a women.

    Get over yourselves, please, I beseech you. It is NOT about your hurt feelings, It is about the judgment on Apostate church folk. Your Salvation is at stake. Please WAKE UP. Your choice on November 8 is who you serve NOT who you think will serve you best in either party. Only Jesus saves and Romans 13 speaks about godly government. So, the choice is clear, what candidate do you choose when you go into the voting booth is closest to what Jesus referred to as “godly government” so that we can have peaceable lives for the foreseeable future so that we can lead move people to Christ.

    God Bless

  3. There was nothing wrong with Ted Cruz’s speech, in my opinion. This “taking a pledge” business is a foolish, foolish, childish idea in politics. No one should sign a pledge at the beginning…I say,” bravo “to Gov Kaisch too. We all have , including the people running for office, a right to change our opinion after we hear someone speak and expound on their ideas. No one should ever be forced to vote for someone they disagree with!

  4. You won’t like to hear this, but Trump is a part of the greatest DECEPTION ever! He has shown himself, time and again, right in front of our faces, many are blinded.He is not who he seems! The person that vetted Ted Cruz should have vetted Trump. If past history is what we go by…oh my!! Remember ..a person does not know he has fallen into the trap, that is why it is called deception! It does not matter who is president at this point. We cannot legislate morality.Our job is to keep spreading the word, telling people about Jesus. That is our main job, we may not have a lot of time! God Bless all of you!
    Sincerely, Kathryn Schneider

  5. I don’t agree with your analysis of Ted speech. There were no ulterior motives…only to stay true to himself and not give support to a man who is a chameleon…. narcissistic…and untrustworthy. J am actually shocked you support such behavior displayed by DT over this last 10mo for the most important leadership position of our nation!

    The words of defamation Trump did to Ted and his family this last year were way over the line for Cruz to support any endorsement. Ted put his family BEFORE the party. Good for him…it took alot of COURAGE to stand on stage to give one of the most memorable speeches of our decade.

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