Ten Commandments Removed from Oklahoma City Capitol Grounds

Mark 13:13 “You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.”

In the quiet of night, the controversial Ten Commandments monument, located on the grounds of the Oklahoma City Capitol building, was removed.  A state hired contractor began removing the monument shortly after 10:30 p.m. The removal comes after the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s decision in June that the display violates a state constitutional prohibition on the use of public property to support “any sect, church, denomination or system of religion.”

Originally authorized by the Legislature in 2009, the privately funded monument was erected in 2012, bringing about a lawsuit from Bruce Prescott, a Baptist minister from Norman who complained it violated the state constitution.

“Frankly, I’m glad we finally got the governor and attorney general to agree to let the monument be moved to private property, which is where I believe it’s most appropriate,” Prescott said Monday. “The first sermon I ever preached was on the Ten commandments.  I am just opposed to it being on public property.”

Its placement at the Capitol prompted requests from several groups to have their own monuments installed, the list including a satanic church in New York that wanted to erect a 7-foot-tall statue that depicts Satan as Baphomet, a goat-headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard.

Office of Management and Enterprise Services spokesman John Estus said that the state is paying the contractor about $4,700 to remove the monument and take it to the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs’ offices, a few blocks away.  Estus said the decision to remove the monument under the cover of darkness was made to avoid disturbing workers at the Capitol and to keep protesters from demonstrating while heavy equipment was being used to detach the two-ton monument from its base.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol had increased security around the monument earlier Monday, and barriers were erected to keep visitors from getting close to it.

Several conservative legislators have promised to introduce a resolution when the Legislature convenes in February to send to a public vote an amendment that would remove the article of the constitution that prevents the use of public money or property for religious purposes.


11 thoughts on “Ten Commandments Removed from Oklahoma City Capitol Grounds

  1. “If My people which are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face And turn from their wicked ways, then I Will hear from Heaven and Will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 This promise comes to us, and again and again. Have we done what He in-
    structs us to do? I think we really must take His invitation seriously….and meet Often with Him…alone
    and together in small prayer meetings. The Muslims pray to Allah (their god is not the same as the one
    we pray to). We pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and He has a Son. Pray in His Name,
    and pray with humility and reverance. The Lord bless you all. Pauliew

  2. I am so disappointed our legislators in Oklahoma allowed the ten commandments to be removed from the state capital. The ten commandments at the State capital of Oklahoma represented for the people that we were united as a state in our believe in justice, equality and peace for everyone. Oklahoma is becoming a police state their are many towns in Oklahoma that have really expensive military equipment to harass, and scare the people in the towns.This military equipment is not needed. The people in Oklahoma are facing a dilemma of their civil rights being eroded, and completely taken away forever. The ten commandments being removed is their attempt to erase God’s golden rules. The agenda is for everyone that lives in Oklahoma to be slaves to the police and their policies. I hope people wake up before its to late. God said,” you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” May God have mercy on the ones that don’t see. May God have mercy on Oklahoma!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes it’s disturbing. With no reguard for GOD, or country.
    The Judge’s are unjust. The false prophet’s, like the one’s the LORD warns us about.
    I went there, before it was removed. Held up the banner (flag) of America, and Israel together. Carried the flags through the State Capital, and the Supreme Court. Blew the shofar at the Capitol, and on the Supreme court’s steps.
    As I stood for the Ten Commandments, Israel and America, told as many as possible, that We The People want them to stay, and We stand with Israel.
    For HIS righteous cause.

    Only two other’s came to see it that day that I saw. A young Mother with her little girl, and an African American Veteran, that walked with a cane.
    Dear Heavenly Father, thank you, for your tender mercies, please forgive us. To return to you, our First Love, with our whole heart. May We rise in unity, for Your Righteous Cause, in JESUS PRECIOUS NAME amen.
    May GOD help us all.

    • Want to say “THANK YOU”, to GOD, and the many Prophets, that come to Morningside Church, to help, and encourage us in these end times.
      It helped give me the strength and boldness to stand firm. I give GOD all the glory, HE held me.
      I agree with Jim Bakker, and Rick Wiles, that the Ten Commandment’s need to be in the Church’s. On yard signs. (Even bumper stickers).
      They can remove it from the State Capitol, but not our hearts.


  4. It makes me wonder… If they remove God and his word, what will fill the void? Nothing is greater than God so it would be something else less godly and more evil.
    Forgive us Lord, we know not what we do to our selves. Help us to humble our selves, repent and call on You Jesus.

  5. I totally agree,its sad and horrible that its come to this.they take down the Ten Commandments and were going to replace it with satans junk,doesnt make sense …

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