The 5 Principles of Faith

The days seem so dark right now don’t they?  Have you ever turned off the news because what is happening in the world seems so overwhelming? All day long we hear and see the hatred, the persecution, the intolerance and the falling away from a God that loves us so much!  Sometimes it is absolutely too much to bear. Sometimes the pain in my heart is so big I honestly don’t know if I can keep going.

But, God Always reminds me of my calling to bring His last day message to this generation.  This calling and the people standing with me is what keeps me going.

Recently Lori and I invited Dr. Don and Mary Colbert to the show.  Mary shared with us an incredible Word from the Lord. His command to Mary was, “I want you to teach my people the 5 principles of faith!” Mary is an amazing woman of God and these are 5 powerful, powerful points of Faith revealed! I cannot tell you about her experience as well as she can but I believe it is important for you to hear the Word that was given to her!

The first principle is, “Faith must be active.” It must be moving.  Remember; John 2:17 “So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead.” You must become faith in action!

The second principle is, “Have the kind of faith that excites God.” With God all things are possible! For instance, partnership excites God.  He will do nothing without you. What you have with God is a partnership.   When you partner with another to do great things, like what you have done by partnering with our ministry, you are exciting God!  Which leads to the third principle; “Faith is the substance of THINGS” the action that we take to do the great things of God!

So the next principle that God gave to Mary was #5.  I am sure you are thinking, “But Jim, what about #4??”  Now this may look like it is out of order but with God NOTHING is in the wrong order.  He gave Mary #5 first, which means He really wanted us to pay attention to this one!

Faith Principle #5 is “Just remember, love is the propelling fuel behind faith.” You must walk in love, you must forgive, you must cast down any bitterness, hold no resentment towards any man.  As soon as something is done to you, you quickly forgive. Why? Because now you know that the fuel behind faith is love.  Faith worketh by love. And that means love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind, and soul! Undeniably, He belongs to you, and you belong to Him! And in that process of love for God, loving Him with every cell in your body, you are then enabled to forgive people who know not what they do.

The last of the principles of Faith that God gave to Mary was #4: “See by Faith what you are Believing for.” She said it means to close your eyes and “see” what it is that you are in partnership with God to do.  Is this for healing, believing for a ministry or a job that you are praying for?  Be a visionary and “see” what you are believing God for.  From the depths of your spirit you must be able to see it, praise God for it, and keep praising Him, thanking Him for bringing to pass what you are seeing clearly in your heart and mind.

This is what PTL is all about now. “Prophets Talking Loud!” This is the platform for Prophets to speak what God has given to them!  Mary Colbert is a dear friend, and the experience she had with our Lord was beautiful!  She has never had this kind of a vision before. Here at Morningside, she was led to share something so special with all of you.  That is why God has blessed this ministry and has restored the PTL Television Network to be the “Voice of the Prophets”.


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2 thoughts on “The 5 Principles of Faith

  1. Pastor Jim…. I thank God for you and your lovely wife. I’m 72 yrs this coming July and like you, I’ve seen this country change to the point it’s hardy reconizable as the US I was raised in. I pray the blessings of God upon your and your ministry and His hedge of protection. I want you to know I see the humility that God has worked in you and the concern for others. I just want to encourage you and Laurie to keep being obedient to the voice of God because your voice and a few others are crying loudly to the church to come back to the Lord .Believe me there are some who are listening a lot more than you think.
    God bless you and keep you and your family safe. By the way The 5 Principles of Faith is worth the time to study and digest.

  2. Pastor Jim,, I PRAISE GOD for you! You are impacting lives. I feel the same way nothing good to listen too in the news. Only positive is baseball and I follow the Toronto Blue Jays as I am Canadian.
    I love you and pray for you, We all need GOD to strengthen us.

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