The Big Wheel Is Closer To Spinning!

As Pastor Jim said during a taping this week with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, we’re getting closer to putting up the big water wheel on the side of the Old Mill Inn!  Construction has been rapidly getting the building finished to open a new warehouse, offices and a brand new studio for the Jim Bakker Show!

The stone is being placed on the side of the building and once that’s done the wheel can be moved into place!

We also have the warehouse/shipping facility being put together so you can pick up all your supplies for the End Times along with books, videos and other memories of your time at Morningside!

We’re looking forward to the new studios which will give you a great new look at the Jim Bakker Show.  When you come to visit, you’ll have unobstructed sight lines, comfortable seats and great sound!

Keep watching for more updates on the Old Mill Inn!

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