“The Harbinger” goes Viral

When Pastor Jim Bakker bowed his head on national TV and prayed for “The Harbinger” to be a bestseller, he had a witness in his spirit that this was one of the most important prophetic revelations of our time. He knew the message in the book was important, and in all reality, it was an eleventh hour plea from God himself to America – to repent and return to Him. Therefore, Pastor Jim did not hesitate in asking God to bless it and multiply its effects all over the world.

And multiply is what God did.

Charisma News reports: “Two additional 50,000-copy print runs of “The Harbinger” have been ordered by Charisma House since the book by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn—which ties events since 9/11 to a prophecy in Isaiah 9—came out Tuesday.” This was January 2, 2012, the day Rabbi Cahn premiered the book on The Jim Bakker Show in an exhaustive interview with Pastor Jim where he goes into great detail concerning the prophetic implications for America. That interview was then broken up into six parts for airing on DirectTV, Dish and other networks. It has now been running for over two weeks on The Jim Bakker Show because of its urgency and relevance. Charisma House recognized this urgency early on when they were led of the Lord to publish Rabbi Cahn’s book.

Today, The Jim Bakker Show is honored to participate in getting this message out across the nation and across the world. We believe that this book is written for such a time as this. About “The Harbinger”, Pastor Jim recently said on his blog “this is one of the most important series I’ve ever done and I don’t want you to miss it. Time is very short and unless we are fully aware and spiritually tuned to prophetic events, even those who have been in the Church all their lives might miss the signposts of the most important time in the history of the world.”

If you don’t already have your copy of “The Harbinger”, we encourage you to order yours today!