The Road to Lori’s House is Completed!

“This is a voice of one who calls out in the desert: Prepare the way for the Lord. Make the road straight for him. Every valley should be filled in, and every mountain and hill should be made flat. Roads with turns should be made straight, and rough roads should be made smooth. And all people will know about the salvation of God!'” – Luke 3:4-6

Today Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker celebrated the completion of Legacy Road, the road to Lori’s House.  God talks about roads over 475 times in the Bible, and as Pastor Jim stated today, “You can’t get to your destination without a road.”  Roads are essential to prepare the way for what is to come.  All of us are called to be like John in the road-smoothing work of making it easier for people to come to know Jesus.  Here at Morningside, our road-smoothing will literally help to save lives!

Pastor Jim and Lori asked all in attendance to pray and lay hands on the road that will soon be used to bring pregnant women and their unborn babies to Lori’s House.

After the ribbon cutting, Pastor Jim and Lori, along with staff, volunteers, and visiting partners walked the 1.4 mile road as a grand opening.  This group of people represent a few of the many out there who believe in the ministry and restoration that Lori’s House will soon bring and have said so with their prayers and their financial support.  We could not have done this without them!

A sign will be placed along the road that includes the names of all those who have joined the “Valley Walkers Club” and sponsored this great road.

Pastor Jim and Lori then met up with Pastor Rick Morrison at the Lori’s House site where they are currently working on leveling and preparing the ground for the foundation to be poured.  We are coming ever closer to the reality of saving lives and ministering to young women in this great charge that was prophesied and commissioned by the Lord’s prophets.

Step-by-step, the vision of Lori’s House is coming to pass!