What A Time To Be Alive!

There is so much to write to you about that I can’t possibly get it all into one letter, but the main thing I want to tell you is that we have heard from the leading prophetic voices in the Church today, and they ALL believe that, by Fall, we will see a great acceleration of Biblical end-time events. What a time to be alive – what a time to witness!

I’m so excited about what God is doing, and our expectancy should be at an all-time high! I’m almost beside myself with excitement – because we are about to see the King return! I really believe that we are in the “Window of the Lord’s Return” that John Shorey talks about. I don’t see how it could be much longer because of the timing of the generation the Lord said would not pass until His coming (Matthew 24:34), and because of the fulfillment of so many prophecies at a breakneck speed. When John was here recently, he laid out a chilling scenario beginning with two catastrophic events this Fall, leading to the start of the Tribulation in the Spring of 2015, and ending with the Lord’s return in the Fall of 2018 – 70 years (a Biblical generation) from the rebirth of Israel!

William Koening also gave us an update after just returning from Israel and witnessing the conflict there first-hand. He emphasized, “Israel has the right to do what’s necessary to defend the country,” and “Israel knows what to do!” While most of the nations, including the United States, are distancing themselves and calling for restraint from Israel, their true friends know that there is no other choice but to take Hamas out of power. Terrorists don’t understand ‘restraint.’ William continued, “America’s homeland security is in the hands of the God of Israel and as long as we’re there to support Israel, the God of Israel supports us.”

The Rabbi said, “At the same time America is distancing itself from Israel, it is rapidly turning away from the ways of God. How far can it go, and how far will the Lord allow it?” God’s heart is mercy, and he warns and warns before He brings judgment. He is so longsuffering and He holds back judgment because He loves us so very much. But, finally, there comes a point where it can’t be held back anymore.

Most believers are sensing that something is coming because it just can’t get much worse. America has mocked God and God will not be mocked (Galations 6:7)! America is in danger of judgment and most of God’s people know it! Persecution is coming. Apostasy is coming. And we must be ready!

That’s why we exist and that’s why God is blessing this ministry – because we are warning people everywhere to get ready, to BE READY! We are blowing the shofar and trying to wake up the people – and they are waking up! Some churches are too afraid to blow the shofar because they fear being shut down, but we can’t operate in fear! The only fear we should have is of an Almighty God Who is holy, righteous, and good and Who wants more than anything for His Church to be awake, and vibrant and looking expectantly for Him to return.

My greatest desire is to fulfill the call that God has given me to proclaim His Second Coming, and to help get the Church ready! We are living in a day that we must honor God. I’ve been a Christian since I was a little boy and I’ve heard about this (the Second Coming) and heard it preached in prophecy, and here we are! We are living in it!  I just shake with it and I believe God is excited because everything that He has built towards the sending of His Son – He is about to see the Great Conclusion! If this were a play, the greatest moment is being played out on stage right now. And this play is coming to an end, and the author is about to walk onstage! I’ve read the end of the Book, and it makes me want to get ready!

Lori sends her love and so do I!


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3 thoughts on “What A Time To Be Alive!

  1. Tonya Briggs 9-12-14. Judy, just a quick note did u know that Hope of the World is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s ministry and the address is Box 1111 Lodi, NJ 07644 , USA I thought that was a interesting bit of info 🙂

  2. I’ve always believed what you’ve said Jim from PTL days & I believe you now. People laugh when I repeat some of the things you tell us. You can’t go to many churches & here any warnings of what’s coming in these end days or that we should earthly prepare cause they don’t believe we will be here they believe Jesus will take us up before anything bad happens But bad things are beginning Now! Thank You for your teaching & preparing us.

  3. Before my Christian mother passed away in 1988, she told me she kept seeing the numbers 1111 on the clock. She wondered what it meant. Well, when we went to pick out her grave site, we saw a place we thought she would like called the Garden to spread the Gospel area with a big tree by the road. We decided to bury her there. There are numbers for each grave site, and when we looked to see the number, it was 1111 !! Shocked to say the least, but we knew this was her place that her body was going to rise. And we also found out the lady that passed away next to her, was also a born-again Christian. Point being, I have been seeing the number 222 or 1222 on the clock. So I was thinking what is this? It just may be the year of the Lord coming back to earth to rule and reign 2022 ! I’ve been interested in bible prophecy since I became a Christian in 1977 thru the PTL Club. I love to pay attention to all these things, just like Lori. I believe this may be true. Lines up very good, with John Shorey when he says 2018 would be the rapture. 3 1/2 years later, 2022!!

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