Timeline of the Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) Why We Need Action to Not Let It Expire

Important Takeaways:

    • 2015 Nuclear Deal Reached
    • 2016 Implementation begging
    • 2020 Iranian arms embargo lifts
      • U.N. ban on Iranian arms exports and imports will lift. Iran can freely build up its military and fuel regional conflicts through support of its terrorist proxies
    • 2023 Ballistic missile & manufacturing restrictions lift
      • U.N. ban on assistance to Iran’s ballistic missile program will end.
      • Ban on manufacture of advanced centrifuges will begin to expire.
      • Assuming congressional approval, U.S. nuclear sanctions will lift.
    • 2025 U.N. Sanctions Lift
      • Snapback provision embedded in expiring U.N. resolution will terminate.
      • New sanctions would require passage of another UNSC Resolution, which Russia and China could veto.
    • 2026 Most Nuclear restrictions lift
      • Cap of 5,060 IR-1 centrifuges at Iran’s Natanz facility will lift.
      • Ban on replacing IR-1 centrifuges with more advanced models will expire.
      • Restrictions on centrifuge R&D will end.
    • 2031 All restrictions lift
      • All restrictions on the number and type of centrifuges that Iran can manufacture will lift, as well as the number of enrichment facilities and the amount and level of enriched uranium Iran may stockpile. Restrictions on heavy water reactors will also expire.
    • 2036 -2041  Access to facilities expires
      • International access will expire to Iran’s supply chain centrifuge manufacturing and nuclear storage facilities.

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