Tokyo lodges complaint over Chinese missiles landing in Japanese waters: Could Spark War

Ballistic missiles are launched from bases in China's Fujian province towards Taiwan during military drills that state media has said are a rehearsal for an invasion

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Important Takeaways:

  • Chinese missiles land in JAPAN’S waters after warnings that ‘miscalculation’ during Taiwan military drill could spark WAR: Outraged Tokyo lodges complaint over Beijing’s live-fire maneuver’s
  • China has launched largest-ever live-fire drills around Taiwan, which will come within just 12 miles of its coast
  • Six exclusion zones have been set up around the island which will effectively blockade it from sea and air
  • Beijing will also test-fire ballistic and hypersonic missiles, amid warnings a miscalculation could spark war
  • Japan says five missiles fired towards Taiwan over-shot and landed in its waters, as Tokyo lodges a protest

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