Tucker and Megan Kelly get really honest about what could happen if Trump goes to Jail


Proverbs 11:1 A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight.

Important Takeaways:

  • Tucker Carlson on Trump Prosecutions: ‘You’re Going to Get Violence if You Keep This Sh-t Up’
  • Tucker Carlson, founder of the Tucker Carlson Network, said Monday on SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show”
  • Discussing what could happen if Trump is convicted in the federal election case, Megyn Kelly said, “If she puts him in jail pending appeal before the election the country’s going to burn… I’m not calling for violence. But there is no way the Trump base is not going to be beside itself with anger at that level of deprivation of being able to simply vote for the candidate of choice. That’s what’s being taken away here.”
  • Carlson said, “Speaking of violence that is what you are going to get.”
  • He continued, “If you leave people no alternative, then what do you think is going to happen? I mean, the whole point of electoral democracy is that it’s a pressure relief valve that takes people who are very frustrated with the way things are going and gives them a way to express themselves, have their desires heard and ultimately their will done, to be represented in a peaceful way.”
  • Carlson added, “You’re rigging the election. And they did that. So, if you keep doing that, and people are like, ‘Wait, I have no economic power. You’ve devalued my currency so it’s like, $11 for a dozen eggs. And my vote doesn’t matter anymore, well then, what do I have? Like, what power do I have?’ And you’re going to get violence if you keep this shit up. That’s just the truth. And I’m very upset about that. I don’t want that to happen. I think the counter-violence will be much more extreme than the violence, but any rational person can see what’s coming. So, they have to stop this. The charges against Trump are not real. They’re not even for serious crimes.”

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