U.S. Power Grid vulnerable to sabotage and attacks

  • US Power Grid Attacks Happening More and More, and the System Remains Very Vulnerable
  • In 2013, a well-planned attack against a Silicon Valley electrical substation caused millions of dollars in damages, while nearly taking out power to Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Intel. Since that attack, no suspects have been identified. The question remains, was it terrorism or extreme vandalism?
  • Now, a new wave of attacks is targeting America’s electrical grid at the same time as Russia’s brutal attacks on Ukraine’s energy system dominate the news.
  • On Dec. 3, 2022, gunfire took out two North Carolina substations, knocking out power to 40,000 homes and businesses.
  • Then on Christmas Day, attackers struck four substations in Washington State, causing power outages.
  • The infrastructure law passed last year includes $15 billion to upgrade and strengthen the power grid, but some energy experts estimate it would cost as much as $5 trillion dollars to modernize and upgrade the protection of the country’s electric system.
  • Tim Miller told us. “Back when I was working on the staff of the Secretary of Homeland Security, we had major concerns about how vulnerable our power grid is. And unfortunately, it’s gotten worse since then.”
  • “We’ve got a bunch of enemies now that hate this country and some are internal. So it should cause us to go, ‘Hey, wait a minute now we need to really look at hardening up our power grid,'” he said.

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