UK Academics say WWII-Style Rationing Needed to Fight Climate Change

Eager hands of London children stretch out for sweets which were not only off the ration but were being distributed for free. The hand-out was at the front gates of Batger's, the confectioner manufacturers, at Clapham Common, London, when the firm gave away sweets to celebrate derationing.

Revelations 18:23:’For the merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.’

Important Takeaways:

  • WWII-Style Rationing of Meat, Clothing, and Energy Needed to Fight Climate Change, Say UK Academics
  • Academics at the University of Leeds have called for World War II-style government rationing in order to fight climate change, arguing that green agenda taxes are levied in a “slow and inequitable” manner and therefore the policy of rationing has been wrongly “neglected as a climate change mitigation policy option.”
  • The study, which appeared in the Ethics, Policy & Environment journal, said: “Rationing is often seen as unattractive, and therefore not a viable option for policy-makers. It is important to highlight the fact that this was not the case for many of those who had experienced rationing. It is important to emphasize the difference between rationing itself and the scarcity that rationing was a response to. Of course, people did welcome the end of rationing, but they were really celebrating the end of scarcity, and celebrating the fact that rationing was no longer necessary.”
  • The researchers went on to explain that governments could specifically ration “selected goods, such as flights, petrol, household energy, or even meat or clothing” and that limits could be placed on the amount of petrol an individual can use per month and the number of flights per year.

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