Ukraine leaves Mariupol saying troops completed their mission

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Important Takeaways:

  • Ukraine declares end to battle for Mariupol, ceding control of key port city to Russia
  • The evacuation of Ukrainian troops from the Azovstal steel plant represents an important but costly victory for Moscow.
  • Ukraine ordered soldiers defending the last pocket of Mariupol to stop fighting, effectively ceding control of the southeastern port city to Russia after a bloody, months long struggle that came to signify the brutality of the Kremlin’s war and the fortitude of Kyiv’s resistance.
  • The general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces said late Monday that the garrison had “fulfilled its combat mission” and that its focus would be on saving the soldiers’ lives rather than fighting.
  • Holding up Russian troops around Mariupol “gave us the opportunity to prepare and create defensive lines” and “give a decent rebuff to the aggressor,” it said, giving the Ukrainian military “critical time to form reserves, regroup forces, and receive assistance from partners.”
  • [For Russia] Capturing Mariupol is key, because it would allow Russian forces in Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula Russia invaded and annexed in 2014, to link up with those in eastern Ukraine, where Moscow has refocused its efforts.

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