Unusual weather patterns in India have flooded rice fields destroying seedlings and triggering panic buying

India Rice Ban The Indian government said the ban would be effective from July 20, and only vessels currently loading would be allowed to export

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Important Takeaways:

  • India’s rice export ban triggers panic buying at US supermarkets – sparking costs of 20-pound bag to soar from $16 to almost $50
  • India ordered a halt to its largest rice export to calm domestic prices
  • Rice is a staple for more than 3 billion people, and nearly 90 percent of the water-intensive crop is produced in Asia, where the El Nino weather pattern usually brings lower rainfall.
  • But heavy rain in the north of India over the last few weeks has damaged newly-planted crops in Punjab and Haryana states.
  • Paddy fields have been submerged for over a week, destroying seedlings, and forcing farmers to wait before they can replant the rice seeds.
  • Videos and reports shared on social media show shoppers panic-buying in Texas, Michigan, New Jersey Alabama, Ohio, Illinois and California
  • The south Asian country accounts for 40 percent of world rice exports
  • Some stores have hiked the price of a 20-pound bag to $46.99 and have started money-making schemes to capitalize on the panic, according to Business Line.
  • ‘A few desi grocery shops came up with innovative ideas to force customers to spend a minimum of $35-$50 on other items to purchase a single rice bag, which is outrageous,’ a shopper told the outlet.
  • Rice prices in the US have shot up by around 11 percent on average, according to PBS Frontline.

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