Urgent Message From Rick Joyner

Lori and I want to encourage you to make a special effort to listen closely to the prophetic message that Rick Joyner recently brought to us at Morningside. These shows will be airing in your area this Friday, November 18th and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, November 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.

Rick couldn’t wait to get here! He said he was almost desperate to share what he feels is an urgent message from the Holy Spirit about the economy and world events! He brought a strong warning about a second supernatural wave that is very, very close. He said “this second wave comes like a tsunami and if you’re not watching for it, if you’re not positioned right, it’s going to be dangerous!”

In Matthew 24, the scripture says that when “all these things” start to happen, they will increase very quickly in intensity and frequency like birth pains. We are seeing this very thing happening now – an increase in frequency and intensity in the signs: freakish storms and erratic weather, wars and rumors of wars, global unrest and rebellion, earthquakes, famines, etc. so that it should be evident to all that we are nearing the coming of the Lord.

Rick feels that we are approaching a very critical time and that an economic collapse could be imminent. We discuss this in detail on these upcoming shows. Please don’t miss even one minute – it’s very important for you to hear what Rick has to say about our nation and the economic collapse that he feels could happen as soon as this coming January. The whole world economy is collapsing! Rick also talked about Israel and explains events taking place in the Middle East.

We don’t need to be afraid – but we do need to be prepared!

Lori and I love you and we want you to be aware and be prepared, spiritually and physically!


Pastor Jim Bakker

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