US sending aid to Japan after earthquake that shifted Japan seaward by 820 feet

Japan-Earthquake-survivor A woman on a stretcher who was found trapped under her destroyed house is rescued 72 hours after a strong earthquake in Wajima, Japan on Jan. 4, 2024. The woman was conscious and sent to a hospital, according to Osaka Municipal Fire Department. (Osaka Municipal Fire Department via AP)

Important Takeaways:

  • Japan earthquake death toll rises to 94 with dozens still missing
  • The US has pledged $100,000 in aid for blankets, water and medical supplies
  • Despite rescue efforts, the death toll Friday grew to at least 94 people, and the number of missing was lowered to 222 after it shot up the previous day.
  • More than 460 people have been injured, at least 24 seriously.
  • The Earthquake Research Institute at the University of Tokyo found that the sandy coastline in western Japan shifted by up to 250 meters (820 feet) seaward in some places.
  • The earthquakes set off a large fire in the town of Wajima, as well as tsunamis and landslides in the region. With some routes cut off by the destruction, worries grew about communities in which water, food, blankets and medicine had yet to arrive.
  • Experts warned of disease and even death at the evacuation centers that now house about 34,000 people who lost their homes, many of them older.

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