Warnings from experts on coming power outages as Summer heats up

Lake Mead in Nevada is currently suffering from a historic drought, making it harder to generate hydroelectricity at a nearby dam
  • 100m living in Midwest, West Coast and Southwest face summer power outages from hot weather, climate change, overstretched fossil fuel power plants and unreliable green alternatives, energy regulator warns
  • Huge swathes of the US are at risk of power outages this summer
  • The ‘MISO’ part of America’s power grid – whose full name is the Midcontinent Independent System Operator is at greatest risk of a large-scale outage
  • That warning was given by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), which released a map showing Michigan, most of Indiana, most of Illinois, and Wisconsin were in trouble.
  • Also at the highest risk are Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and a small part of East Texas. That high-risk classification means that the existing power grid is ‘potentially insufficient to meet peak load during both normal and extreme conditions,’ according to NERC
  • Parts of the Midwest will experience a ‘capacity shortfall’ driven by increased demand and power plant shutdowns as states turn to more renewable energy sources like hydro and solar.
  • Wild fires could put extra strain on power grids, as could drought
  • Regular NERC says it’s a ‘perfect storm’ that could leave millions in dark

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