Welcome Back Tammy Sue Bakker!

We have just completed several shows with Tammy Sue and to say that we were blessed is an enormous understatement.  Tammy’s gift of anointed music is a Godsend to the Church and a tangible instrument of healing and restoration for these Last Days.  She is simply a ‘carrier of grace.’  When Tammy sings, the windows of heaven are opened and Grace flows to all those within the sound of her voice.

As the world around us is uncertain and turmoil is everywhere, Tammy Sue’s anointed music brings a soothing peace in the midst of the storms.  Tammy is a gift to the Body of Christ that God has given back to us for such a time as this. 

Among the beautiful songs she sang were “There is a River,” “The Blood” and “There’s Just Something About That Name.”  And we won’t soon forget her own special rendition of “Amazing Grace” that she sang especially for her Father.  Pastor Jim shared that having her here with him is a fulfillment of prophecies over his life about restoration, and a great comfort.

Tammy testified of her time in isolation and how she had been called back into active ministry by the Lord.  She said the devil will use anything he can to derail your destiny and keep you bound in fear. Tune in to the regular scheduled broadcasts to find out what kept her away for far too long.  Tammy said she just “knew that she knew” it was time to come back but it was a tremendous feat for her to overcome her fears and obey the Lord.  She encouraged everyone not to let anything get in the way of what God has called you to do.

During the show, Tammy and her Dad recalled the trauma that their family endured over the past 25 years, and testified of how God had sustained them through it all.  Today, they are living proof that God will use what others meant for evil, for good!

Many tears were shed on Grace Street this week.  If you missed the live show tapings, you will not want to miss these shows when they air on the regular scheduled broadcasts on television.

We are looking forward to more of the ministry of Tammy Sue in word and in song.

Welcome back, Tammy Sue!

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