Win/Win for Moldova and Missouri

Most of you know that not too long ago, we had a charity drive to raise funds to send food to the orphanages in Moldova.  We are helping Philip Cameron to create the very best possible living conditions for these precious little ones, and your donations are making the difference.

Food For Health, one of our trusted suppliers, generously agreed to donate food equal to the amount of funds we raised, which was a very bighearted offer.  Food For Health subsequently sent us twenty-three pallets of PlantPure food and that comes to a grand total of 13,662 boxes of the best nutritional food anywhere!  We were overjoyed and began to investigate the best way to get this nutritional food to the orphanages, but we were met with lots of difficulty.

We tried our best to get this food to Moldova, but due to insurmountable issues with Customs, we could not ship it there.  We explored every avenue, but government rules are incredibly strict.  So we have made the decision to take the funds it would have cost to ship the food and donate it to the kids in Moldova instead.  This way they can still use the funds for something, be it food or clothes or anything they might need.

The food donated by Food For Health will not go to waste either.  Pastor Jim’s heart was broken by the news that it could not be sent to the orphanages in Moldova, but he decided that we would still get it to those who need it.  We have our Food Pantry here in Blue Eye, Missouri for anyone who has a need.  Some of the food will be given to our Food Pantry for distribution. The rest of it will be donated to the surrounding communities here in Missouri.

We want to thank everyone who gave to this effort!  We want you to know that your donations are making a huge difference to the orphans in Moldova and in Phillip Cameron’s ministry, and now to those who are in need in Missouri as well!

Without your generosity, this would have not been possible!