G20 attendees use facial biometrics to expedite check ins

Important Takeaways:

  • During the meeting, which took place on February 21 and 22, attendees were made to pass a biometric validation process by scanning their faces using Serpro’s stand devices, according to a post on the G20 website. Brazil currently holds the G20 presidency, which runs till the end of this year.
  • “This technology streamlines procedures by expediting personal validation, thus ensuring security through efficient monitoring,” says Alexandre Ávila, superintendent of Government Digital Customer Relations.
  • In the course of the recent meeting in Rio de Janeiro, national and international delegates, including journalists from local and foreign media outlets, performed facial scans to access restricted areas of the meeting venue.
  • Apart from the recent ministerial meeting, Serpro has the contract to deploy its facial recognition and other connectivity infrastructure in all of the about 130 scheduled G20 meetings under Brazil’s presidency, the government notes. The agency will also ensure safe management of the data of about 25,000 persons expected to attend these meetings from 30 countries in different venues.

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