Mt. Fuji eruption and earthquake escape plan has just been revised; in short there is no good plan at this moment

Mount Fuji

Mathew 24:7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.

Important Takeaways:

  • Escaping on foot from a giant volcano with a diameter of 44 km… Mt. Fuji eruption and evacuation plan “unable to cope with a major earthquake and tsunami” nightmare
  • New evacuation plan for Mt. Fuji eruption revised for first time in 9 years
  • The damage estimates for a massive Nankai Trough earthquake, which is expected to kill more than 320,000 people, have also been revised.
  • Fuji erupts and a massive earthquake occurs in tandem with the eruption, unprecedented damage would likely occur.
  • While expanding the evacuation zone to 27 cities, towns, and villages (with approximately 790,000 residents), the timing of the start of evacuation is being reconsidered in order to reduce to zero the number of people who fail to escape during an eruption. However, the evacuation sites will not be decided in advance and will be secured according to the eruption situation, and in order to prioritize the evacuation of those who need assistance, the means of evacuation for general residents will be switched from private vehicles to walking in principle.
  • Fuji is a huge volcano with a maximum base diameter of 44 km. If an eruption were to occur and cinders, pyroclastic flows, and large volcanic ash showers were to fall all over the area, it would be difficult to know which direction to flee in.
  • there are about 30 craters in a chain of about 30 major ones from southeast to northwest. The important thing is to determine where the eruption will occur and prioritize evacuation. In any case, it is best to assume that residents will not be able to evacuate so easily
  • Even if we were lucky enough to escape from the crater area, the transportation infrastructure could be paralyzed beyond that point.
  • There is a great possibility of the piers collapsing or being submerged by a tsunami, and evacuation to the west may not be possible
  • Fuji has remained quiet for more than 300 years since the Hoei eruption. It is believed that a considerable amount of energy has accumulated, and a major eruption could occur at any time.
  • The last time Mt. Fuji erupted was 1707… At that time 49 days before the last eruption with an estimated magnitude of 8.6 earthquake occurred
  • Fuji evacuation plan that has just been revised will not be enough to cope with the situation… Unless a more concrete and feasible plan is created, the damage will be much worse,” said Takahashi.

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