French and British actively controlling guidance-to-target weapons inside Ukraine

Important Takeaways:

  • British and French Troops ON THE GROUND in Ukraine; Operating Cruise Missiles to attack Russian Troops
  • Shocking revelations from the British Press reveal the British General Staff, led by Admiral Tony Radakin, directly participated in the attack on Russian Black Sea Fleet ships, and that German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz confirmed British and French troops are in Ukraine operating Cruise missiles to hit Russian targets.
  • Russian reaction to these revelations has been blunt: “This proves Britain and France have attacked Russia; we have the right to respond militarily” said one high ranking Russian official.
  • On Monday, he said that German soldiers could not follow the lead of their British and French allies in “the way of target control and accompanying target control.”
  • By saying that, Scholtz revealed that French and British troops are, in fact, controlling the targeting and guidance-to-target of weapons (like cruise missiles) and are thus responsible for Russian targets being hit!

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