They tell you everything is fine but for too many the American Dream feels like an illusion


Important Takeaways:

  • Americans’ cost of living remains a massive headache, even as recession fears fade
  • The long-rumored recession has been postponed – or perhaps canceled altogether.
  • And yet, hidden behind these boomy-economic indicators, a frustrating reality persists: Life is far too expensive for far too many.
  • From the historically unaffordable housing market and budget-breaking day care rates to high car prices, the United States has a cost of living problem many years in the making.
  • Parents of young children are making difficult choices to afford child care — or they’re opting to evade it by dropping out of the workforce altogether.
  • Parents are also struggling to buy bigger cars to haul around their growing families while simultaneously socking away some money in college savings plans.
  • For too many, the American Dream feels like an illusion.

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