MO Senator Josh Hawley and Rep. Ken Buck see growing momentum in congress to ban TikTok

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Important Takeaways:

  • There’s Growing Momentum in Congress to Take On TikTok—and Some Want to Ban It Entirely
  • Josh Hawley of Missouri and Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado—introduced legislation that would prohibit users from downloading the Chinese-owned app on all U.S. devices. Amid rising international concerns about the platform’s data-collection practices, it would be the most aggressive action yet to curb … a national security threat.
  • While Hill sources say their legislation has little chance of passing in the new Congress, there’s still growing bipartisan interest on Capitol Hill to take on the popular social media service that harvests its users’ sensitive personal information.
  • In December, Congress passed a different bill they introduced last year that banned the app on federal government devices. At least 14 other states have enacted similar restrictions.
  • “I think the security concerns related to TikTok are just as urgent with private citizens as they are with federal employees, particularly when you really realize that TikTok is a backdoor for the CCP into every American’s private life,” Hawley tells TIME

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