After reading this I’m convinced that these Scientists are creating our Doom


Important Takeaways:

  • 3 Existential Threats That We Are Facing Right Now Which Could Potentially Result In Millions Of Dead Americans
  • In recent years, there has been one enormous crisis after another. We live at a time of major wars, global pestilences and billion-dollar natural disasters.
  • Today, our scientists are taking some of the deadliest diseases ever known to humanity and are purposely trying to make them “more infectious”. Here is just one example…
    • [Daily Mail report] The US government is spending $1million of American taxpayer money to fund experiments on dangerous bird flu viruses in collaboration with Chinese scientists.
  • According to the CDC, bird flu has a death rate of more than 50 percent in humans.
  • And these researchers want to make it “more infectious”?
  • And the head of the WHO is warning that the timing of the next great global outbreak is “a matter of when, not if”…
    • [Brietbart reports] At the World Government Summit, held in Dubai from February 12-14, Ghebreyesus told attendees his previous predictions came to fruition in the form of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Now, the W.H.O. director believes a new pandemic, for which the international community is ill-prepared, is on the horizon.
    • Renewing urgent calls for a global pandemic treaty to be agreed upon by May, Ghebreyesus dismissed suspicions of the treaty being a W.H.O. power-grab and called it “mission critical for humanity.”

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