Britain To Lose Up To 1/3 Of Wheat Crop

The National Farmer’s Union of Great Britain says the country’s wheat harvest could be over 30% smaller than last year due to the extreme weather that has battered the country since last fall.

Flooding, severe rain and snow has caused significant damage to crops. A figure released in April showed that the area planted with winter wheat was already ¼ lower than the previous year. Continue reading

Weather Impacts UK Harvest; Raises Food Prices

The summer of unusually wet weather has created a large impact on British crops that is going to lead to heavy increases in food prices.

The National Farmers Union announced that wheat yields in the country are down almost 15% lower than the country’s five-year average. The British Retail Consortium said that food prices, already high due to the drought in the U.S. and a heatwave in Russia, which lowered corn and wheat production. Continue reading