National Religious Broadcasters To Honor Meriam Ibrahim

Meriam Ibrahim, the woman who was initially sentenced to death in Sudan for being a Christian, is going to be honored at the National Religious Broadcasters convention for showing “what it means to not be ashamed of Christ.”

“Meriam Ibrahim is a modern-day example of what it means to not be ashamed of Christ,” said NRB President and CEO Jerry A. Johnson. “We are honored to welcome her to NRB15 as we rejoice with her over God’s protective care in her life.”

The Islamic government of Sudan sentenced Ibrahim to 100 lashes and then death for “apostasy and adultery” because she married an American Christian.  She was tortured during her time in prison and was forced to give birth to her second child while her legs were chained to a wall.

Ibrahim was told if she renounced Christ she would be freed.

She will be given the NRB President’s Award at the Hope for the Heart women’s breakfast on February 25th.