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Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker welcome Michael Maloof as they discuss the effects of an EMP attack for Day 2 on The Jim Bakker Show.


Our grid is very vulnerable in the United States. We have three grids in the United States: the eastern grid, the western grid, and the Texas grid. And, none of them are protected. If one of those grids goes down, it affects all of them. -Michael Maloof

Taking down the eastern grid alone would affect 70% of the population. -Michael Maloof

It used to be that we feared countries. Now terrorism is more terrorizing than other countries. -Pastor Jim Bakker

Even though I have been out of service since 2004, people are telling me the agencies are getting back into the habit of not talking to each other. This is seriously dangerous. -Michael Maloof

We have some big potholes in our country. We need to fix our grid. -Pastor Jim Bakker

Let’s look at it this way: The bridge is broken. The bridge needs to be fixed. Let’s fix the bridge. -Pastor Jim Bakker


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