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Pastor Jim and Lori welcome special guest Doctor Peter Vincent Pry as they discuss the possible breakout of a new cold war.


We in the west are so weakened and so unwilling to stand up for our own societies and our own values that we surrender without war. -Doctor Peter Vincent Pry

The only way we can learn to live with a nuclear armed Iran will be at the expense of our credibility as a super power in the pacific. -Doctor Peter Vincent Pry

We would much rather be engaged in this passionate argument over President Trump and all of that and the threat is forgotten. -Doctor Peter Vincent Pry


North Korea Claims Successful Hydrogen Bomb Test -NPR

FBI’s Peter Strzok testifies in explosive House hearing on anti-Trump bias -CBS News

Putin unveils new Russian nuclear missile, says it renders defenses ‘useless’ -NBC News

Former intel chiefs condemn Trump’s news conference with Putin -CNN

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