Whose Side Are You On?

In the news, Iran celebrates while chanting ‘Death to Israel and America’. Israel reels from a proposed contract that threatens their nation’s very existence and leaders of our American government congratulate themselves on making a deal regarding nuclear weapon capabilities with Iran.  As a lifelong, passionate student of the Word of God, I should be saying that this doesn’t surprise me.  Although the Bible has been warning of these last days and what will happen, I would not have imagined that America would turn on Israel as it has now. I am witnessing what is happening with my own eyes all the while knowing deep in my heart that it is our relationship with Israel that has that has kept us from Judgment rather than ‘given us grace with God’.   It seems the world has gone topsy turvy.  What made sense in our lives even a year ago in our country and around the world has changed. What do we do? READ MORE

Could this be the Beginning of a Complete World Collapse?

A Day of Chaos on Wall Street today!  As this is being written, the New York Stock Exchange had been closed for over 4 hours.  The Greek Government is scrambling to fix their financial disaster and headlines are screaming out that the real crisis in the financial news is that China is headed for a crash much like what happened to us in 1929. As I have watched the news today, riveted by what is happening all over the country, all I could do was sit and connect the dots. Could the world’s financial system be taking the first major step towards a complete collapse?

This morning, United Airlines had to suspend and cancel flights all over the country because of a “computer glitch”; The Wall Street Journal’s Website went down because of a “computer glitch”.   All of these computer glitches and I have a hard time NOT connecting them together. And if these incidents are related, then it had to be by something evil.

There is massive flooding all over the country and power outages occurring because of them. We are also suffering from drought and threats of disease that are wiping out some of our food supply.  The warning signs are continuing to flash brighter.

Last night I received a phone call from a recent prophetic guest and wonderful friend, John Kilpatrick.  He told me that, “The next 90 days will be more important than the last 54 years of your ministry all together!”  He went on to warn me, “Do not be distracted as the next months are crucial!  Your voice must be diligent and clear in the next 90 days!”

Time after time, our prophetic guests have told us all that we need to be preparing NOW!  It IS time to get ready for what is to come!  John Shorey, Rick Joyner, Joel Richardson, Carl Gallups and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn are among those that have just recently been warning the world of what is to come!  I cannot help but think of their words as this day unfolds.  We will see more of these days of uncertainty, we will see more chaos.

According to Joe Grano, Chairman and CEO of Centurion Holdings LLC and former chairman of Homeland Security Advisory Council: “The two places America is most vulnerable is our financial systems and our energy grid. And the biggest warning light is that our enemies not only can shut down our financial system but also our grid.”

I am committed to bringing you as much information that I can as the days unfold.  We are going to be working on this together!  On our next broadcast, we will be talking about these world shaking events and piecing them together on the show.  We will be discussing the many events that are coming together in this world and what we can begin expecting in the days to come. Today we began construction on our new Roku network “breaking news” facility. We are so eager to finish this new building so that we may bring you the cutting edge news as soon as it is breaking.

The Lord is speaking to all of us in so many ways.  We want to hear from you if you feel He is speaking to you!  Please send us information that you find and news that you feel is important during these prophetic days.  We want to hear from you!  Please email us at [email protected].

God Bless you.


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Be in Command On Being Prepared

How many years have we been talking about preparing?  As the days grow more and more urgent, Lori and I have been stepping up on our preparations, looking for what we may be missing and stocking up on necessities for our family.

In Lori’s last blog she talked about all of the items you need for your car in case of emergencies.  Please understand that this is not just talk.  We DO practice what we preach!  We have spent years gathering information for our family and for you. Over a decade ago God asked me to help prepare you.  He told me that Morningside would be a place for the prophets to come and speak out about what is happening in our world!  We know we are living in the last days, we have studied the prophecies in the bible together and we all know that, like Joseph, we must prepare for what is to come!   READ MORE

Walking in His Words & Warnings

Riots…earthquakes…drought; and that was just last week!  I have been preaching preparedness for a very long time.  I have studied; I have prayed and what the Lord keeps telling me is that we ARE in the last days.  You really don’t have to take my word for it.  Just look at the news every day and then read God’s Words!  We are walking in the Words and Warnings of the Lord.  NOW is the time. READ MORE

Do You Not Remember?

Mark 8:18 NIV Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?

Today I am calling on you for prayer. As you know, I try very hard to stay out of the political arena and use my energies in teaching the book of Revelation and in fulfilling what God has asked of me. The Lord spoke to me years ago, telling me that Lori and I would help create a place where the Prophets of these days would have a voice. With God’s amazing blessings, our show has brought to us the most remarkable people of God that have been revealing the truth about these End times, layer by layer. READ MORE

The Honor of Kings

In Proverbs 24:2 the Bible says “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter but the honor of kings to search out those things.”   Because of Christ we are all kings and queens of God. This ministry is about searching and understanding what is coming directly from the Bible.  From this understanding we are to prepare and teach others about His Word!  These past couple of months this ministry has had revelation and understanding coming to us at a rate that makes my head spin.  Thank you Jesus! READ MORE

The Apple of God’s Eye

When Lori and I stepped off the plane in Israel this past September there was a feeling which swept over us that is difficult to describe.  I felt a familiar feeling of home, sincere awe and excitement!  Lori had never been to Israel before and it had been her heart’s desire for many years.  She too felt this indescribable emotion of being home. The scriptures clung to our hearts as we both took in a deep breath of air. We both knew that this visit was God’s doing and absolutely His timing.  READ MORE

The Loudest Voice

This is such an epic time in the world! God is speaking to the world but it seems that very few people are listening! He couldn’t be speaking any louder and he is letting us know what is coming through the signs in the world. One sign after another, one harbinger after another, day after day, and I HOPE our eyes and ears are open to receive them! This is why our ministry exists to help people see with their whole heart and to understand what God is doing in the earth.

As these prophetic events unfold, I feel led to remind you of WHY God gives us these signs.  Why does the Lord bring us these signs and these special harbingers? One reason. LOVE. READ MORE

2015 Word from the Lord (Pt. 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series 2015 Word of the Lord

Boots on the Ground

This New Year is the time to dress up in righteousness, put your “glad rags” on and be prepared to preach and minister the word of the Lord. It’s also time to put some “boots on the ground,” dig ditches and help build what God wants to build for the days ahead. Morningside is a place of safety and a refuge for the last days. We need to be ready.

A recent guest on our program said, “Everything could change in a day. A Mega-quake may actually be the first domino that will push us into the tribulation period.”

Spiritual warfare is at the door. The church has got to have their boots on – we have to be ready to do some work! Christian soldiers need to have “boots on the ground.” READ MORE

Common Sense with Mike Huckabee (Pt. 1)

I was truly thrilled to recently have the honor of interviewing Governor Mike Huckabee, a born-again Christian and ordained Southern Baptist minister, on our show. It was one of the top 10 highlights of my life right alongside interviews I have done with Presidents Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. I believe Mike Huckabee is a man raised up for this hour, and he has a message for us – a message I was honored to help him get out to the world on our television broadcast. Governor Huckabee has written extensively about his desire to see this nation return to the core principles that most of us share in his new book, “God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy,” which is available on our website. READ MORE