The Imminent Judgment of God (Pt. 1)

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So much is happening in our world. The reason we bring news into our show is because it’s the Revelation fulfillment – it’s the fulfillment of the entire book of Revelation and the signs of the End of the Age in Matthew 24.

It’s amazing that all of the prophetic word is being fulfilled – the droughts, the slaughtering of Christians. This ISIS is killing Christians – Jesus said before I come back, they will hate you and put you to death because of my name (Matthew 24:9). I never thought in the United States of America that people would hate Christians, but it is an antichrist spirit, and anti-Word spirit. You can get a comic book into schools but not a Bible! In the news recently, there was a 5th grader that was banned from reading the Bible during ‘free reading’ time! And a teacher was punished and banned from bringing her Bible to school. She wasn’t reading it to the class; she was just reading it for her own devotional! She could have a pornographic book, or x-rated material sitting on her desk, and she could get by with that. And during this last season, a professor specifically told his students that you cannot thank God during your graduation speech. READ MORE

Are You the “Real Deal”? (Pt. 2)

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David was well aware of his own failures and he grieved over them! He hated the weaknesses of his own flesh and despised himself for giving in to them. But one thing he could not and would not do is to deny who he was in God. If there was one thing he was sure about – it was his identity and the anointing that was on his life. God had ordained him in his youth to be a king and a king he would be! Though the world, the flesh, the devil and all of hell had tried to remove David’s God-given purpose, they could not!

Saints of God, the enemy of your soul is after your very identity in these last days! Do you remember when Jesus asked the disciples, “who do you say I am”? Every single religious authority had challenged Jesus’ very identity. In fact, they crucified Him for telling the truth of Who He really was! If those who said they loved him didn’t know who He was, then how could the world be expected to? Only by divine revelation of LOVE can any of us love the other as Jesus commanded. READ MORE

Are You the “Real Deal”?

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Are You the Real Deal?

Matthew 24:12 tells us one of the characteristics of the last days will be that the “love of many will grow cold.” I don’t know about you, but when I thought of that verse before, I always thought Jesus was talking to those who were outside the Church; those that were in the ‘world’. But of recent days, I have begun to see how this verse may apply to those who are within the Church, or appear to be in the Church.

In the last days, churches will contain both, wheat (the real deal Christians) and tares (pretenders). Within their ranks, there will be those who are ruled and motivated by many things; some by a search for significance, some by a need for control, some by a need for recognition, and some are motivated by love. Jesus said not to try and separate them because only He knows the heart – and if you try to uproot the tares, you may pull up and destroy some wheat with them. But be assured, there is a Church within the church. READ MORE

Time to Pull Some Weeds


Your job is to pull up and tear down, take apart and demolish, and then start over, building and planting. Jeremiah 1:10 MSG

Unfortunately, through the hardship and persecution and tribulation of life, certain weeds and tares can actually get planted in the heart that touches everything you do and can negatively affect every aspect of your life, even what you’re called to do in the Kingdom.

One of my main issues was abandonment. This was a weed that had a huge stronghold in my life. I had watched as nearly everyone in my life walked away when my sin was exposed to the world and my soul suffered beyond measure. READ MORE

Trumpets are Sounding (Pt. 3)

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Prophetic consensus from many sources is that the beginning of the Great Tribulation will be in 2015. John Shorey went through David Wilkerson’s and other prophecies about an economic collapse preceded by a great earthquake in the northwest. John said that considering the huge bubble in the stock market today, this economic collapse can’t be far off and he believes it could be this Fall – with the obvious indicator that a huge earthquake is even closer. If the dominos start to fall, everything could fall into place and happen very quickly – in less than six months!

John noted that on March 20th, 2015, a solar eclipse will happen which, prophetically speaking, indicates the judgment of the Gentile nations, which includes the United States of America. Three and one-half years after the Spring of 2015 (the possible beginning of the Great Tribulation), would be September of 2018… the week of the Feast of Trumpets and the 70th year from the rebirth of Israel in 1948! READ MORE

Trumpets are Sounding! (Pt. 2)

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The prophetic word that was written by David Wilkerson in his 1985 book, Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth, had already come to pass in stunning accuracy in the oil fields of the Middle East. And now, from the grave, David Wilkerson’s next prophecy was confirming what God had shown John Shorey when he wrote about the Five End-Time Wars.

David had written, “The enemy will make its move when we are weak and helpless.”

John continued, “America has a future invasion, which I had just covered as the Five End-Time Wars. And when that was first given to me through the writing of my second book, and I sent this outline of the Five End-Time Wars to Jim, I looked at it as information for his benefit. I never thought we would talk about it, because can we handle the fact that America would be part of an end-time war, and that an invasion would happen in America before the rapture? READ MORE

Trumpets are Sounding! (Pt. 1)

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I sat on the set recently with John Shorey, a dear friend whom I believe God has anointed with a clear message for the Last Days. John has heard from God in many instances, and what he hears, he shares with us and our television audience which could number in the millions. I don’t take it lightly that these prophetic messages are being given on our show – because God told me to provide the platform for the prophets to speak to the people in the Last Days and that’s what I’m doing. READ MORE

A One-String Fiddle (Pt. 2)

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In Part 1, we talked about how a good friend believes in you and will always have God’s heart for you, which means they believe in the dream for you that is God-given and existed from the foundation of the world. Isn’t it amazing that God gives dreams to individuals to accomplish something for His kingdom – and after He gives them, no matter what forces of hell come against the dream, God still doesn’t take it back! It’s given for eternity, and one can do nothing except go forward towards that dream all the days of their life – unless they quit.

You can quit on God, but God will never quit on you. READ MORE

A One-String Fiddle (Pt. 1)

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It’s hard to imagine that at 74 years of age, there is still a dream that lives as vibrantly in my heart today as it did when I was very young. But the dream does live – and it lives by the strength and the inspiration of God because He is the One who put it there!

The vision hasn’t changed to build a retreat center… to build a place for God’s people that is like a City of Refuge. I have people who say, “Why are you doing this? Why are you doing the same thing again?” The answer is very simple: I only have one string on my fiddle. I mean I’m a one-string fiddle and I don’t have another one. I’m doing what is in me and for the first time I understand it. I can’t change it because it was established in me by God! READ MORE

The Stage is Set

We are there now.

The stage has been set and the play has been on stage for a while.

I believe with all my heart, as far as any time of preparing and prosperity, I don’t think we have much over a year or max, if we have that, to get prepared.

I believe with all my heart that the antichrist is alive right now. I believe the system is alive.

I believe probably the greatest sign for us in America that we are in the Last Days is the United States of America has turned from a Christian nation, born by the hand of God, to our President even saying “We are no longer a Christian nation.” READ MORE