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Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker willkommen Philip Cameron, Paul Todd, Paul Todd Jr, and the Stella’s House girls to celebrate Pastor Jim’s 50th Year of Ministry on The Jim Bakker Show.


Pastor Jim Bakker’s 50th Year in Minsitry

The beginnings of Christian television

Technology Advances


Groundbreaking for Lori’s House


Pastor Jim Bakker celebrates his 50th year in Ministry. Pastor Jim and Lori have been enjoying the past few days with the crew that built the Ministrythe founders of Christian Television. Pastor Jim and the others started inventing Christian television when they were in their twenties. When Pastor Jim started out with one black and white camera. From then on they used the rejects from all the other television networks that were donated.

Pastor Jim talked about remembering the needle on the vinyl records, then 8-tracks, then cassettes, and now CDs. He reminisced about the early shows they did. In the early days of the ministry, many great moments were lost because they did not have the capability to record them. Great moments with Catherine Coolman and Stuart Hamblen are just a memory.

Pastor Jim and Philip Cameron talked about getting Stella’s House involved in bringing the gospel around the world through broadcasting. Philip is having a commercial internet line installed so they will be able to broadcast through the I Care Network. Together we can make this a reality, because ‘Team work makes the dream work.

Pastor Jim and Lori along with Philip Cameron, Stella-Haus, Russ Taff, and the rest of the crew shared about the groundbreaking ceremony for Lori’s House. Die 33 acres of land where Lori’s House will sit has been paid for.

4,000 babies are aborted every day. Lori’s House will serve as a safe place for women faced with abortion can come and have their babies. Lori’s House will also serve as a place of restoration for women who have already had an abortion.

The Stella’s House that this ministry is helping to build is also coming along. Each new Stella’s House that is built, they try to make better than the last. The orphanages these girls came from have bathrooms with a whole in the floor as a toilet. There is no toilet seat or toilet paper. They were treated like dogs. With winter temperatures of 20 unter Null, the orphanages do not even have heat. The showers did not have hot water, and resembled more of a gas chamber. The I Care Stella’s House will have personal showers and toilets in each room. It will be a beautiful, comfortable place for these girls to come and feel like they are daughters of The King.

Pastor Jim shared his experience of living and ministering in the inner city. He felt that most charities would degrade people. Pastor Jim decided to paint and bring color to the stark white room they used to distribute food. He wanted to the little old ladies that came through the food lines to be comfortable. Instead of making them wait in line, Pastor Jim wanted to bring the food to them.

What does it mean to an orphan to have a nice spread on their bed? It means that somebody cares. These orphans grow up feeling like nobody cares about them. They are told they are worthless. They never get to sleep in a bed of their own. Their birthday is never celebrated.

Philip Cameron’s mission is to fundamentally change the lives of kids by giving them a warm, safe place to live. Stella’s House provides each girl with their own bed. They are given a place to call their own. They are shown love and celebrated. They are given hope!


Matthew 24:14 KJV Und dieses Evangelium vom Reich wird in der ganzen Welt zu einem Zeugnis über alle Völker gepredigt werden; und dann wird das Ende kommen.

Matthew 10:25 KJV If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub [lord of the flies] how much more shall they call them of his household.

Isiah 61:2 NIV to proclaim the year of the LORD’S favor

Isiah 58:10 NCV If you feed those who are hungry and take care of the needs of those who are troubled then your light will shine in the darkness, und Sie werden hell wie Sonnenschein am Mittag.

Isiah 58:11 NCV The Lord will always lead you. Er wird Ihre Bedürfnisse in Trockengebieten zu befriedigen und Kraft geben, um Ihre Knochen. Sie werden wie ein Garten, der viel Wasser hat sein, wie eine Feder, die nie versiegt.

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