Des diplômés de la maîtrise des médias Partagez des leçons

Nous sommes très heureux pour nos étudiants diplômés qui se déplacent sur le prochain niveau de leur vie! Les diplômés de la maîtrise des médias répondent aux questions de l'équipe de Jim Bakker Afficher web alors qu'ils se préparaient pour leur diplôme. C'est ce qu'ils avaient à dire:


1. Quelle est votre plus grande réalisation au cours de votre temps à la maîtrise des médias?



Josiah Salina: Learning the discipline of being a team member in a business and ministry environment geared toward Jesus & médias.




Harmony Hayes: I would say the biggest accomplishment that I have had during my time here at Master’s Media is stepping up my self-discipline. Being here takes such self-control in every area in your life and there is no mama or daddy to tell you what to do and not to do. Eat, sleep, it’s all in your handsself-discipline.



2. Quelle a été votre plus grand défi lors de votre séjour à la maîtrise des médias?



Braydon Rogers: Learning to come out of my shell and dealing with people.




Brandon White: Adapting to this environment and learning directing because it’s not about pushing buttons. It’s about the moment and the timing. If you lose focus, the moment is gone.



3. What is your favorite memory about your time at Master’s Media?



Jonathan Moore: The people that I was able to meet and the trade I learned.





Melody Hayes: When Tammy Sue came for the first time and sung to her dad!



4. Que diriez-vous à un jeune homme ou une femme de penser à venir, le programme MEDIA de la maîtrise?



Josiah: This is the best experience for hands-on job training for any passion in the media world.





Melody: Eh bien, you definitely need to be called here! If you love all aspects of media and want to reach young kids & adultes. Come on and join now!



5. Share with us the biggest revrelation God gave you during your time at Morningside.



Jonathan: That you can be humble and bold at the same time in a respectful manner.




Harmony: In order to change the world we must change our world! That means we often surround our lives with people and things that mean nothingfocusing on things that help no one but ourselves and benefit our world only. We are all here for others. We were created for others. So when you change votre world you can change le monde.

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