Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Joins Us Once Again!

The Summer of Prophecy at Morningside continues on July 31st and August 1st when Rabbi Jonathan Cahn will be presenting a two-day seminar in a special edition of the Jim Bakker Show.

Rabbi Cahn is a gift to the world in these Last Days. His revelation of the prophetic warnings the Lord is giving through 9/11 in his book “The Harbinger” sent chills down the spine, but there is more! These two days at Morningside will have him teaching things that he has NEVER mentioned during his previous visits!

We are extremely pleased to provide the platform for Rabbi Cahn’s prophetic teaching and preaching. People need to hear what he has been given from the Lord about the Last Days.

President of “Hope For The World” ministries, Rabbi Cahn is a leader in the Messianic movement. He shares his continually growing vision daily on radio and television worldwide including frequent visits to the Jim Bakker Show.

Rabbi Cahn has packed the house in his previous visits to Morningside. If you plan to be here for the Rabbi’s appearance, please plan to be on Grace Street at least an hour before the start of the show tapings and seminar. If you can’t be here in person, you will be able to watch the live show tapings and the seminars on the live web stream.

This is one event in the Summer of Prophecy you don’t want to miss!

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