Al Qaeda Hides Plans In Adult Film Files

Rotação 6:3-4 NCV Quando o Cordeiro abriu o segundo selo, Eu ouvi o segundo ser vivente dizer, "Vir!" Em seguida, saiu outro cavalo, uma vermelha. Seu cavaleiro foi dado o poder de tirar a paz (prosperidade, resto) da terra e fazer as pessoas se matam (açougueiro, chacina, para mutilar violentamente, nas ruas), e foi-lhe dada uma grande espada (assassinos espada, terrorista, alto, poderoso, muito medo).

“Hardly a day goes by when our senses are not bludgeoned by some new outbreak of terrorism in the Middle East. Despite our best efforts at making and keeping the peace, político, econômico, and religious tensions often lead to unrest, violência, and riots.”

-Jim Bakker em "Prosperidade eo Apocalipse Vinda"

Al Qaeda has been sending secret files to their operatives around the world using pornographic films according to police in Germany who discovered the operation.

A member of Al Qaeda was arrested in Germany during which a flash drive was found hidden in his clothing. A pornographic film was on the flash drive that contained hidden files with instructions from high level Al Qaeda operatives for attacks on civilians.

Police said the plans included attacks similar to the 2008 Mumbai India attacks killing more than 160 pessoas.

The plans also mentioned taking passenger ships, dressing those on the ships in orange jumpsuits like Al Qaeda prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, and then executing them…posting the videos of the executions on various websites.

U.S. Intelligence officials told CNN that the information in the videos was “pure gold” and gave detailed instructions on how Al Qaeda tries to avoid detection by anti-terrorism groups.


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  1. This is why it is so important that we PRAY for our world and the leaders. Thank you for encouraging us to keep our eyes opened to what is going on around us and to the scriptures. God has us written on the palm of his hand therefore, we should have his words inscribed on our hearts.

    Blessings to you and your ministry.

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