generationNOW Vídeo Award Winners

During the Master’s Media graduation, a few of the videos that have been produced by the Master’s Media Students were chosen for generationNOW Video of the Year awards.

Este ano, there were three categories chosen for this award including Best Music Video, Best Comedy Video, and Best Biblical Truths Video.

We present to you the winners:

Best Music Video:

Best Comedy Video:

Best Biblical Truth Video:

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  1. Oi Zach, Eu assisti o seu show em vaca com 7 eo significado da cidade gatesville. Not sure if you looked up town of Pennsylvania cow but it is pretty awesome. It was loretto, on a farm called wood village or veil wood. When I Google meanings, it brought me to revelation lady of the arc of the covenant. Hope u can look into it. Thank yoi, Lori O’Hara

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