2015 Word from the Lord (Pt. 2)

Boots on the Ground

This New Year is the time to dress up in righteousness, put your “glad rags” on and be prepared to preach and minister the word of the Lord. It’s also time to put some “boots on the ground,” dig ditches and help build what God wants to build for the days ahead. Morningside is a place of safety and a refuge for the last days. We need to be ready.

A recent guest on our program said, “Everything could change in a day. A Mega-quake may actually be the first domino that will push us into the tribulation period.”

Spiritual warfare is at the door. The church has got to have their boots on – we have to be ready to do some work! Christian soldiers need to have “boots on the ground.”

NOW is the Word for 2015

NOW is the word for 2015. You cannot wait until there’s no food to get the burden to plant food. 2015 is the year of the farm!

All of the signs say that NOW is the time to order more food. Prophecies are getting closer and closer together like birth pains. Our emergency food supply is NOW in stock! You can order it now and be prepared when the grocery store shelves are empty.

I’m trying to get an army together to be the International Harvesters for the tribulation days so we will never run out of food when the world is hungry.

More Cyber Warfare

We will be facing more cyber warfare in this new year as we see the season of Blood Moons passing. The year of 2014 has been truly been amazing, but hold on to your socks and boots . . . 2015 promises to be a year like no other has been.

We all witnessed the cyber attack from North Korea on Sony, the maker of a movie that was controversial in nature and offensive to North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim-Jong-un. Many headlines read that North Korea won that war. Make no mistake, we are at war, we just don’t declare it anymore.

I prophesied “computer confusion” 15 years ago and it is happening now. The warfare will be even greater as attacks come on our financial system and our energy grids.

Attacks on Leaders

Attacks on leadership will increase in 2015. From political and spiritual leaders to Congressman and teachers – anyone in authority will be targeted. When we see leaders wounded – and one will come back to life – that’s part of the anti-Christ regime brought forth. (Don’t follow people because they have miracles, the Bible warns the anti-Christ will work miracles.)


This past year has been an amazing one filled with new revelation’s of blood moons, the feasts, on and on.  It has truly been remarkable in all ways. When God said that knowledge would increase in the Last Days, He didn’t mean just natural knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is increasing as well and we now understand things differently than we once did. God isn’t going to leave His Church behind in anything!

However, End Times messages have been sanitized out of many churches and I think it’s a shame! So does John Shorey, and he is addressing those who would do this to keep their “feel good” congregations coming. I keep preaching Matthew 24 and people don’t want to hear it – they don’t want to accept it and I have no other message right now. I cannot apologize for this message because I know it is from God!

John Shorey explains, “the Bible says we are to be “fishers of men” and if you don’t have any food, you’re not going to catch any fish! Store up your food now so you will have plenty for your family, church members and even strangers.”

Now how can that be a bad message?

Hebrews 13:1-2 “Let love of the brethren continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

Soon I will be able to share with you one of the most supernatural events I have ever witnessed!  Stay tuned!  Lori and I wish you, your family and our partners a wonderful 2015!  Let us keep each other in our prayers throughout the coming months!

15 thoughts on “2015 Word from the Lord (Pt. 2)

  1. Jim I pray you will find a Messianic Rabbi like Michael Rood or Monte Judah to teach the Greater Exodus that the true church is about to go through. God has given me the verses if you are interested and they point to a resurrection of Moses in the last days to lead the children into the wilderness for 42 months(Rev 12:14)…..Blessings Dear Brother in Christ,.

  2. good to know God will watch over and prtoect us if we truly beleive..but aslo states we should do what we can to help ourselves..and others…and to watch for signs..to know when he is coming..& with all the signs it seems its like soon..so do what you can and prepare..buy extra..eat as healthy as possible now so when if the time comes you gotta eat whats available..take note when buying extra- to calories, protein & fiber…and pray over our food…when judgement hard times come upon us..will u trust the govt, or yourself & God? may the good Lord watch over n protect you

  3. Pastor Jim thank you for your teaching on Revelation, and thank you for bringing the Prophets to us on your
    program. I am in agreement with your teaching on the Tribulation period. May Father God continue to Bless
    you, Lori and Family.

  4. Pastor Jim,

    Times are going to get so “hard” in America, that paradoxically, it will bring out BOTH the “best” AND “worst” in people. And that goes for BOTH Christians and non-Christians!

    What I mean, is that; BOTH Christians and non-Christians will display at least TWO kinds of reactions to the upcoming Economic Collapse. One reaction will be one of “negativity” and anger against God – from both “fair-weather-friend-minded” Christians AND hard-hearted “unbelievers”. This negative reaction to the loss of the value of the American dollar will cause a reaction of great “rage” against everybody and everything. Instead of both backslidden Christians and non-believers REPENTING during this time of the fall of the dollar; that rather, these two groups of people will HARDEN their hearts even MORE – against other people (including against other Christians) – and even against God Himself. And this will fulfill Jesus’ prognostications [in Matthew 24] of even “believers” themselves BETRAYING each other; along with more betrayal coming LATER, when disillusionment hits God’s people over the great disappointment that will come with the false expectation of the Pre-Trib Rapture not taking place.

    The OTHER reaction will indeed be just the opposite; that is, one of great CONTRITION and desire to help one’s neighbor – be they Christian or non-Christian; and a response of sorrow and concern shown by both Christians and non-Christians alike. There will indeed be both “good-hearted” Christians and non-Christians “coming together”, to try to help one another “survive” this upcoming shocking unbelievable FALL of the “Almighty Dollar Bill”, entailing the very total LOSS of value of everyone’s checking and savings account in their banks; and any financial investments on the Stock Market. Regardless of the fact that this same “economic collapse” will catch nearly EVERYONE by surprise; that nevertheless, Pastor Jim, even for those true “born-again Christians” who would NOT have been aware of this same “collapse” coming; that still, though, there will SOME of those same “born-again” folks that will have already been so “rooted and grounded” in the Word of God – and Jesus Christ himself; to the point whereby they will be even MORE determined than ever to “put their hands to the plow”, dig deep, and show greater RESOLVE to serve God will all of their MIGHT; and NOT allow Satan cause their minds and hearts to “harden”; but take the collapse as a “learning lesson”, and be MORE determined than EVER to “search” their own hearts, to make SURE that they get themselves “right” with God – if, by chance, their hearts are indeed NOT “right” with Him; that is, be more DETERMINED than ever, to NOT allow such a shocking event to cause BITTERNESS and RESENTMENT against God set inside themselves, just because they got “caught off-guard”; BUT rather, see the unexpected collapse as a “teaching lesson” to make themselves greater more fervent “seekers” of God, and draw closer to Him and Christ; to REPENT of know or unknown “sins”; and just pray to God for “mercy” & “grace” to get through the awful unexpected “collapse”; seeking wisdom and righteousness, on how to “survive” such a calamitous judgment from the Lord.

    Pastor Jim, the choice is OURS to make, as to how we’re gonna respond when “REALITY” hits the country; when we’ll all find out together, that “The Almighty Dollar Bill” is not so “mighty” after all; BUT rather, it is the LORD THY GOD that is “Almighty” – and NOT the dollar bill!!

  5. There is dual fulfillment of scripture. The Lord will show Americans that we can’t depend on the government to solve all our problems. When the dollar collapses, unemployment benefits are not given and EBT cards don’t work, our president/leadership won’t be liked and they’ll need our prayers.

  6. I want to thank you Pastor Jim for staying strong in the Lord even when things got hard. The teachings you bring, with Mark Biltz, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn & John Shorey have made me stronger in the faith because I know Jesus better. From the wedding to the blood moons to the feast again thank yo

  7. Nancy Beachum, one hears much teaching on Revelation but never on the letters to the seven churches. You have brought up something very interesting. Even most commentaries give very little depth on this section of Revelation. Maybe Brother Jim will teach on this in a program soon.

  8. I SO love your ministry and ALL who are involved. PLEASE KNOW Jim & Lori Bakker and your entire staff, that me and my hubby LOVE you SO MUCH and really appreciate ALL that you do! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO ALWAYS BLESS YOU ALL AND THIS MINISTRY! We are definitley in the End Times and what you all are doing is such a blessing!

  9. When I read your quote from John Shorey: “how you gonna catch fish with no food”, I thought back to the most memorable times I made myself totally available to share the good news to a lost person. I didn’t have any food. Nothing material has ever aided me in this work unless you want to call the Bible a material thing. One thing I have learned over these years in the ministry is that a person must realize their spiritual condition to be saved. That man that lived in site of my first church and was the brother of the city engineer, had a brother and mama who knew the Lord and they had always tried to meet his needs no matter how he lived his life. He was dying physically as well as spiritually, now that was some situation for a just ordained pastor to find himself in. He didn’t want any food, he just didn’t want to die but it was his time. Only 36 years old, and hopelessly lost he thought. I was just the messenger, perhaps a fisher of men, and did not have the privilege to hear him pray that prayer but a family member did. My part was just the showing. Although he never attended my church nor ever belonged to one, I was asked to preach his funeral, my first, and what a glorious funeral it was. You don’t have to meet people’s material needs to be a fisherman. People’s material needs should be the concern of the deacons as the Word teaches.

  10. Pastor Jim,
    I am keeping your instructions everyday and I want you to know that today I came across a young couple that are barely getting by. I asked them how they were doing food wise and the girl said oh we are fine but the guy said well let me put it this way, I won’t refuse anything offered me! I said ok, and went in and gathered up enough to help them for a week or so. It was then that they told me she was expecting! I told her she needed to make sure she ate as good as possible so her baby had the best start he could get. Once the baby is born it is going to be very hard for them to find food to feed that child. I have decided not to say anything to them but I will buy up some formula and baby food to put aside cause I know they are going to need it. I have already talked to them about letting me teach them how to can and dehydrate food to put aside. I will do my best for them.
    Please keep doing what you do so you can encourage us to do what we must do. I know things are going to get tough very soon. My love and prayers to you and Lori and the whole gang at Morning side.

  11. In the book of
    Revelation, when the Lord was giving a message to the seven churches, He told the church of Philadelphia that they would be kept “out of the time of testing that the whole world will go through” It sounds to me that the tribulation will be preceded by the ‘”rapture of the church”, since God doesn’t think that those that are saved have any purpose for being on the earth then. Nancy Beachum

  12. I have been prepping for over two years; trying to think of everything we might need. One day I asked the Lord, “how much time do we have Lord?” He said one word, “Amos”. I opened my Bible to the book of Amos and my eyes fell immediately to, “2 years before the great earthquake”. That was last year, and I believe you are right on Jim. We don’t have much time before it will be too late.

  13. Pastor Jim Bakker ,

    I want to “AGREE” with you ,according to MATT 18 18-20 , that 2015 will be the most
    miraculous year in your life , in your family’s life , in the life of the ministry , IN JESUS NAME ,

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