The Final Countdown

Our recent trip to Israel and New York City with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn to visit the Harbinger sites was truly one of the highlights of my life and a high point in the life of this ministry. Rabbi Cahn presented some amazing teaching in the Holy Land as well as undeniable facts about the history of our nation, how it was birthed, and now, sadly, its inevitable decline.

In my 75 years on this earth, and over 50 years in ministry, I can tell you that I have never taped more important shows than these. What we are seeing and hearing right now is the final countdown before life as we know it here on this earth changes. For those who know Jesus and are watching for His return, this is a glorious time, even with the tragedy and disasters all around us. For those who do not know Jesus, it is frightening and without much hope at all, but it is not too late.   It is not too late for you to ask Jesus into your life and heart.  It is not too late for us to share with those who need Christ in their lives and the promise of His never-ending Love.  Please do not forget that!

Even as the Rabbi was teaching about the Harbingers that he wrote with great anointing from the Holy Spirit; there were new harbingers happening around us. We could hardly film for the “peeling” or “tolling of the bells” which someone counted 21 cycles before they stopped. Fire engines were blaring their sirens and the flashing lights of police cars lit up the night skies.

In my old encyclopedia, the “tolling of the bells” indicated a warning; a warning of war, a warning of attack, etc. God is warning America. The Harbinger is a warning to America! America is going to be under attack as it’s never been before IF we do not turn back to God!

This trip made a huge difference in the lives of all of those who went. We came back from Israel and New York City with a new light in our eyes. We came back with a renewed purpose and mission. I believe with all of my heart that these shows will make just as big a difference in your life as well.

The Israel and New York shows with Rabbi Cahn are broadcasting on television on December 22nd and 23rd and resuming again after the Christmas shows on the 26th of December. I encourage you all to be sure to tune in and record them for future viewing! You will come away rich with the teachings of Rabbi and the opportunity to experience Israel and the Harbingers in a truly Blessed way!


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5 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. glad ur website is growing as well.. n ppl are catching on..u r a blessing everday..and feel your words come from above..along with your guests..who seem to be modern prophets….u help make my day… I love u’s too..


    I believe with all my heart that these shows will make just as big a difference in your life as well

    I would like to join with you in THE PRAYER OF AGREEMENT that all of the activities of
    PASTOR JIM BAKKER will ,IN JESUS NAME , succeed more than you could hope for or
    imagine , AMEN AND AMEN ,

  3. Pastor Jim Baker what a blessing you are in telling the truth and telling the world and sharing the gospel for all who need to know it and those who want to and need to tell other about Jesus Christ and lead them into the plan of salvation god bless you and your family Merry Christmas Nancy smithnancy136 your partner

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