Rabbi Home Again at Morningside- November 17th and 18th

It is a warm homecoming every time we welcome Rabbi Jonathan Cahn back to Grace Street and the Jim Bakker Show! Join us Tuesday, November 17th and Wednesday, November 18th at Morningside, as Rabbi teaches more on the Harbingers, the Shemitah, this powerful year of Jubilee and the promises of God.

Rabbi has rocked the world with his gentle, prophetic, yet unyielding messages. He is known throughout the world as well as greatly respected. He recently had the honor of addressing the United Nations with his profound revelations. He has changed the perspective and goals of many church leaders and inspired millions!

Best selling author of The Harbinger and The Mysteries of the Shemitah as well as many other books and video messages, Rabbi has been warning America to turn back to God. But, as always, his message also fills our hearts with joy and hope. As he ends many of his speaking engagements Rabbi will inpart this wonderful word:

“No matter how great the odds, no matter how imposing the opposition, no matter how formidable the challenge, if you stand for God, if you hold to what is true, if you fight the good fight, remember this: you are on the winning side.”

We always have a big crowd for taping with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn so be sure to come early and grab a seat. It will be a remarkable two days of insight with one of our most favorite teachers and prophets. Taping begins on Grace Street at 11:30am CT. Or watch us via live feed on Jimbakkershow.com/watch-us-live.

The Final Countdown

Our recent trip to Israel and New York City with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn to visit the Harbinger sites was truly one of the highlights of my life and a high point in the life of this ministry. Rabbi Cahn presented some amazing teaching in the Holy Land as well as undeniable facts about the history of our nation, how it was birthed, and now, sadly, its inevitable decline. Continue reading