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Ever since God opened up door for me to minister to others, I have said that there are 3 different types of people who read the Word.  There are the surface readers that simply, casually read it.  They don’t really get into it but they can basically follow along.

Then there are the second kind of people who really get into the Word, finding out more about the Word, the time periods, where Jesus actually walked etc.. This certainly can be a fun place to be!   But then there are a very special category of people.  These types of people are not satisfied with the mainline Christianity but want to dive into the supernatural realm.

The 3rd type of person is my FAVORITE type of reader. It’s the reader that gets BEHIND the word. To see the tapestry of the word! They quickly find out how EVERYTHING from Genesis to Revelation is connected. It is one single intricate message system from outside of space and time domain. It is one solid message of redemption. I heard someone once say it was the “ultimate love story”; a divine romance.  This is where my passion for Jesus started.  But even when you are on Fire for Jesus, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience some sort of dry spell.

There was a time whenever I came to Master’s Commission that I went through a very, very dry season.  I was still reading my Word.  I was practicing a disciplined Christian life as best as I knew how. Yes, I was still having failures and messing up just like anyone else. I was still seeking after the Lord but it had become so dry.  I wasn’t enjoying reading the Word like I used to.  I knew all the stories and couldn’t enjoy the climax of them anymore because I knew what was coming.  I understood that the Bible is living and active and changing daily to minister to our needs.  I knew that very well, but I wasn’t feeling it.  So I prayed, “God, please take me to a new level. There has got to be more; a deeper place of your revelations. Guide me somewhere different.  You are the God of the entire universe and I want to go deeper than just this surface stuff.” And all I can say is ask and you shall receive!

That is when my mentor, Toby Lambert put a DVD into my hand and it was an expository teaching of the book of John by Chuck Missler.  When I say an “expository teaching” of the book of John I literally mean a study, chapter by chapter, verse by verse.  He was the man that started to introduce to me the mysteries that were encoded within the Word of God. Mind you this was a few years prior to meeting the man of mysteries, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.  Chuck Missler primed the pump so to speak, in showing me the mysteries in my life. Ever since then I have never been able to read the Word the same again.  It has taken on a whole new light. I truly understand the quote that a book is only as deep as its author; which makes the Bible infinitely deep!  That is why whenever I minister on Generation Now and talk to young people I always just tell them, “Get into your Word!   Get into your Word!  If you don’t know where to start just begin with the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Get Jesus’s words inside of you!!!!”

There are great mysteries to be found!

I encourage you to open your Bible and open your mind to seeing the Word in a different way.  God’s Word is alive and there is nothing more exciting than finding the clues that lead you to answers and knowledge you could never see before.

Below are a few of my favorite study materials.  Many you can find in our store, but I do hope you will never, ever stop seeking what the Lord wants to show you. Even if you hit your own dry spell, God will open up your world with him in a different way.    I promise it will be AMAZING!

Get into the Word!!!

Love, Zach

ANY expository Teaching from Chuck Missler: Like the DVD’s I started with going over the book of John.


Cosmic Codes- Dr. Chuck Missler

The Path- Rick Joyner

Divine Romance- Gene Edwards

Prophecy 20/20- Dr. Chuck Missler

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours- Dr. Chuck Missler

Vintage Jesus- Chuck Missler

The Islamic Antichrist- Joel Richardson

Driven by Eternity- John Bevere

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  1. Zach I looked up all the resources on Amazon and the only one I couldn’t find was Vintage Jesus by Chuck Missler. I found a Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll. Is that the one you read? I couldn’t find it by chuck

  2. Zach on another subject did you know that Israel gets about half of it’s drinking water by desalinating water from the sea? California could too with the same technology. Facebook had part of a youtube video on it from PBS. I’ll try to put the link here.

  3. I love you both and everyone on your program. God has blessed me and is blessing me by knowing you all. Pray for my family. They don’t want to hear the message of what’s coming. Pray for me. I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia. and neuropathy. I can’t help feeling concern for myself and others dependent on medications. The insurance comp. Won’t let you get but one mo. At a time. I am putting my trust in GOD’S mercy and love. God bless all of you. Janet

  4. COULDNT AGREE MORE!! I lovE THE PROGRAM! It’s a great joy to watch your growth, ZACH! You have taken a real leadership role! And to see JIM
    support you is Great!! The world LOVES to see us down WITHOUT any MONEY
    or security. But I KNOW that you AND
    Jim have such a big heart against SIN
    And worldly things!! Brother keep it up!! I’m gonna send in soon for some of the PH2O bottles and maybe some silver sol if I can.
    Much love, brother.

    John 14:6

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