The Honor of Kings

In Proverbs 24:2 the Bible says “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter but the honor of kings to search out those things.”   Because of Christ we are all kings and queens of God. This ministry is about searching and understanding what is coming directly from the Bible.  From this understanding we are to prepare and teach others about His Word!  These past couple of months this ministry has had revelation and understanding coming to us at a rate that makes my head spin.  Thank you Jesus!

For decades I have taught Revelation.  It all began when I was in prison.  Much of my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word I called into question. I really thought I had a true understanding of my calling and of all the countless hours of deep, sincere study in my lifetime.  I love Jesus more than I could ever express to another person, yet there I was, alone and devastated.   The Lord in His infinite wisdom and for my salvation directed me back to the beginning.   This created the task of opening my mind and heart to what God wanted me to hear and I poured myself into His Word.  Eventually the Lord led me to Revelations, the one mysterious book that many Church leaders decided long ago was irrelevant or too difficult to understand or teach.

I tried my very best to be faithful to God on this task and began the journey of lifetime.  Whenever I needed direction the Lord sent a teacher or a book or an experience that has kept me searching for more.  He gave me this television ministry to share what I have learned with ALL of you.  He gave Lori and me the drive to keep going when we really didn’t think we had it in us.  God sent people filled with the gifts this ministry needed to thrive and amazing miracles just when we needed them.  We all know that this comes from the Lord’s eternal love for each and every one of us!

In the past 3 years the ever increasing amount of knowledge coming to Lori and me, our staff and students is mind boggling.  We began a path together with God’s blessing and now each step of the way is highlighted by teacher after teacher.    We learned of the Harbingers, the Blood Moons, the Hebrew calendar, and the intense and profound connection between Israel and what happens to the United States when we are not supportive of His people.  We have moved on to learning about Islam, understanding the battle that is beginning, and the very real dangers we are facing.  All of us have been given the incredible opportunity to prepare for what is coming and have received the outpouring of knowledge that is flooding in with great gratitude!   But, we must keep going!

Imagine if I had told the Lord that I had already studied the Bible and I already knew it?   Imagine if we had let pride and insecurity keep us from pouring once again into His Word as if we had never seen it before?  Imagine if the people of this ministry had left their minds and hearts closed to the love and depth of understanding that Jesus was placing before them?

Revelation is no longer a future event full of things unseen or not experienced.  It is RIGHT NOW and the Lord has guided us step by step to prepare for THESE DAYS!  If you cannot see this please go to His Word.  Ask for His guidance and study HARD!   If you seek you shall find, but in order to do this you must open your heart to truly hearing what the Lord has spelled out for you!  It is our Honor to hear Him.  It is the Honor of Kings to search for what HE is waiting for us to find!

You must begin NOW!  God is waiting to open HIS WORD to YOU!!


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3 thoughts on “The Honor of Kings

  1. Jim….thanks for your views and opinions and your emotions concerning the
    End Times. You inspire me because I know in my heart that Jesus wants us
    to get our lives right and to be used by him to spread the Gospel. If we dont
    think Jesus is coming back (Rapture) then we just continue to live in the world
    with selfish desires of materialism etc. Keep me and ours in your prayers. GJ

  2. Hello Brother James- Sending a wave of Glory-fire from Canada’s Eastern Gate- Nova Scotia! Just watched the TV show by producer of God’s Not Dead called Two Witnesses with Rabbi Cahn, Mark Biltz, and Bill Salus! They mention the only ever in our history an ALIGNMENT OF STARS SEP 23, 2017 which is exact picture of REVELATION 12 – a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet with 12 stars on her crown. Fits into our timelines of John Shorey’s Window of the Lord’s return 2012-2020 and John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm 2008-2020.

  3. Jim (Just for your information, my husband said he knew a guy that had worked on this one in TX, can you believe there’s one in the US)
    The Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) (also nicknamed the Desertron[1]) was a particle accelerator complex under construction in the vicinity of Waxahachie, Texas, that was set to be the world’s largest and most energetic, surpassing the current record held by the Large Hadron Collider. Its planned ring circumference was 87.1 kilometres (54.1 mi) with an energy of 20 TeV per proton. The project’s director was Roy Schwitters, a physicist at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Louis Ianniello served as its first Project Director for 15 months.[2] The project was cancelled in 1993 due to budget problems.[

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