It’s Time to Hate What God Hates

Since the prophets have prophesied that we would build Lori’s House, we are doing our best to be obedient to that direction from the Lord.  With the help of our faithful partners, we have purchased the land, drawn up the plans, and we are in the process of paving the road to the valley where this part of The Refuge will be built.

Lori’s House Conceptual Drawing

We are very serious about this place being used as a Last Days refuge.  That’s what we envisioned in the beginning and that’s our goal.  An End Times refuge takes on many characteristics, but none more important than saving innocent life.

Cindy Jacobs said that Lori’s House will be a prototype that others will copy.  Can you imagine where we could be in this country in 5 years if every church would develop their own facility for saving babies?  If they can’t do it alone, they could band together to get it done, or come and help us!  Now that’s a vision God can bless.

As Jim preaches and as we read in our Bibles and see on the news every day, we are in the Days of Revelation.  Nobody knows how far into it we are and nobody knows when Jesus will come again.  We have the signs to watch for, but we do not know the day or the hour.

I only know one thing, I know it’s time to do whatever we’re going to do for the cause of Christ.  It’s time to act in ways that God instructs and that He can bless.  And I know it’s time to hate what God hates.  Proverbs 6:16-19 lays it out for us:  “These six things the LORD hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him:  a proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren.”

I’m not talking about going to the abortion clinics and picketing and yelling and screaming to show how much we hate abortion.  It’s time for the church to stand up and say “we are not going to take this anymore.”  Preachers don’t have to scream and yell about abortion being murder.  We KNOW it’s murder.

But what we can do is put our money where our mouth is.  You can’t just scream in the streets about it – you have to do something!

President Reagan once said he noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.  Now that’s a wise observation, I would say.

You can’t say “I don’t know” because you do know.  You know and God knows you know.   Proverbs 24:11,12 NCV says, “Save those who are being led to their death; rescue those who are about to be killed. If you say, “We don’t know anything about this,” God, who knows what’s in your mind, will notice.  He is watching you, and he will know. He will reward each person for what he has done.”

We are putting our money where our mouth is.  We’re taking this step and bucking the crowd and we’re not going to listen to the naysayers!  We need your help.  When you help us build Lori’s House, you will share in the reward from God who is watching us all.

We love you!


6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Hate What God Hates

  1. dear lori. I am lori also-helping pregnant teens thru the local county children’s bureau. GOD has blessed us with love and joy in doing this charity out of our home. wish it could be allowable financially for us to build and operate a LORI’s house here in western PA. pray for the Lord’s will for us too! dreams do come true!

  2. Lori,
    I looked at the drawing of Lori’s house and was so amazed…it is beautiful, but more important I felt such peace looking at it . I know that the women who will reside there will finally have peace of mind and in their souls for the first time. I know God is working and it makes me so astonished at what God is doing. My heart rejoices to see this happen to save these babies that have not been born is a work that will bring souls to heaven…it is worth all the work and trials involved to bring this to pass…God Bless You and hold you close when the enemy tries to discourage you and Jim….hang on to His promises..and never ,never, never feel alone..there are so many of us out there that love both of you and care deeply for the ministry. I will send as I am able to for this work.I am struggling to keep my house right now…a lot of deeply hurtful things have happened in my life, but I refuse to give up…so Lori…keep on keepin’ on….my favorite verse is Romans8:28 …straight through to the end of the chapter…..I think remember hearing you say that Romans 8:28 was a favorite of yours too. Love Myrtle aka MyMy in the I family…..((hugs))

  3. Hi Sister Lori, Yes—a man reads your blog! I sincerely hope you and Pastor Jim are having a wonderful day in the Lord.

    The LORD told Jeremiah that he was known before he was ever formed in his mother’s womb. God knows every hair on a person’s head. I believe it includes those in the womb.

    Jesus said “Let the little children come unto me”. Jesus proclaimed he is the way, truth, and life. Christ is not death during this dispensation of time.

    The work you and the rest of Moringside ministries are doing for this most worthy cause concerning abortion is definitely recognized and endorsed by God. God Bless! Mike

  4. I can’t tell you how much all of you mean to me. The encouragement I get from you can’t be measured. I know what God has said about building “Lori’s House” to help save innocent lives, but I need people too! I love you all so much.


  5. I would just like to exhort your readers to ASK GOD for an opportunity to give. And then to watch for it. I am trying to set aside money that comes to me unexpectedly, and when there is a bit to send, send it for Lori’s House, and Stella’s House. Today, for example, someone gave me a lunch they had purchased. It was an extra, and couldn’t be brought home because they still had no power after Irene. The few dollars saved on the meal I would have bought will be added to some other dollars, set aside, and sent in for this special work.
    And it is exciting to see what the Lord does with this! Surely there is something we can ALL do, for something that is so close to our Father’s heart.

  6. When Cain took Able’s life, God spoke and said, his blood cries out
    to me. I believe personally that not only his blood but the blood
    of all his descendants that would never get a chance at life. Can you
    imagine in America the blood of all the aborted and all their
    descendants crying out to God. Then the guilt, the remorse the
    shame of many young women who have had abortions. Some chose to have
    them, then there are the young girls who have been sexually abused
    that were forced to have abortions. They didn’t want it to happen
    but they were helpless children. There are many abortions that
    are not reported. So I believe the number in this country is far
    greater than what is documented. My heart goes out to the young girls
    and women who are suffering and to the countless lives that will never be.

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