Woe is Me (Pt. 2)

Woe to Him Who is Alone

Up until I went to prison in 1989, I had always had lots of people around me.  Most of those people were slight acquaintances, some were co-workers, some were friends, some were church folk, and some were family.  I must confess that back then, I often got the priorities in my relationships out of order.   I let my slight acquaintances and other working relationships preempt the most important ones that I should have nurtured.

Ecclesiastes 4:7-12 NCV

Again I saw something here on earth that was useless:
I saw a man who had no family,
no son or brother.
He always worked hard
but was never satisfied with what he had.
He never asked himself, “For whom am I working so hard?
Why don’t I let myself enjoy life?”
This also is very sad and useless.

When everything came apart and all of my relationships were tested, I realized that there were precious few people that I could count on in this life.  But the ones I had neglected, were the ones I found were faithful to hold me up and support me when many others betrayed me and most just scattered like deer.

There is no teacher for that lesson like trauma.  People often wonder why God allows them to go through various struggles and traumas in their life, and the answer is because He is merciful.  God promises to use everything that happens to us for our good, even those things that come upon us by our own mishandling.

If I had not experienced the trauma of the loss of everything – I would not have known the peace of realignment with God’s order of things.

True Friends and Family Give Strength

Two people are better than one, because they get more done by working together.

My friend, Bishop Ronnie Webb always says “teamwork makes the dream work.”  There is so much truth in that one simple statement.  Teamwork is absolutely essential in the Church in the Last Days.  But the kind of team that God will use is a team that has come together in the true unity of the Spirit.

This is not a team like you have heard teams defined before.  This team is dead to any of their own dreams, ambitions or self-promotions – and they are alive only to what the Lord wants.  That’s not an easy thing because the humanity in us is always pulling us away from right priorities.

The teams God is bringing together will find their dreams are rooted in one vision, to know Him and to make Him known.  When this happens in a Church or ministry, you truly have a “Dream Team” and you will see your momentum gain strength in impacting the world for Jesus.

If one falls down, the other can help him up. But it is bad for the person who is alone and falls, because no one is there to help.

In my book, The Refuge, I outline the importance of the Church in the Last Days.  Believe it or not, many people have abandoned the Church in droves in the last 10 years.  Just when the Church needs to come alive, it appears to be dying.

But the Church is not going to die – but it may be rebuilt!  Jesus said “I will build My Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against her!”  Now it doesn’t get any clearer than that.  Has it ever occurred to you that much of what has been built may not have been built by Jesus!?

Yet, the disappointment or disillusionment in today’s churches does not justify the “Lone Ranger” syndrome.  You cannot make it on your own – you need the help and the fellowship of other believers!

If two lie down together, they will be warm, but a person alone will not be warm.

One of the saddest things I ever heard was when Philip Cameron brought several of his “Kids from Moldova” to our show and they told stories of the horrible conditions in the orphanages there.  One young girl told of nights in sub-zero temperatures without any source of heat except each other.  These children had to sleep huddled together and keep rotating to the inside to keep from freezing to death.

Though this situation was very real in the natural, we can use that poignant depiction of the need for others to point to just how essential the Body of Christ is.  Accept it.  You need others and they need you.  No Lone Rangers!  Neglect not the assembly!

An enemy might defeat one person, but two people together can defend themselves; a rope that is woven of three strings is hard to break.

I’m not a fan of violent movies, but I remember one scene in the movie Gladiator from which I drew some great spiritual wisdom. It was in the arena when all the gladiators were surrounded by the chariots.  The leader shouted three things to the others:  “stay together, raise your shields, move as one!”  Their formation was a virtually impenetrable fortress against the enemy.

You may think you are strong enough to stand against anything that comes against you, and we know that the devil and his minions are very busy trying to steal, kill and destroy everything and everyone they can in these last days.  But you are not as strong alone as you could be together with others who can help you fight.  When you fight together, you can watch each other’s backs, so to speak.  And when Jesus is in your midst, the three-fold defense is undefeatable!

Don’t be found alone in the Last Days.  Jesus didn’t intend for you to have to go it alone.  Not only will we have increased spiritual warfare, we will have increases in natural calamities as well.  God knew you would be born and live in these perilous times – and He designed it that way and gave you a special assignment.  Don’t disappoint Him.  Pray that God will align you with good people – people who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes.  And while we’re at it, we should probably pray that we ourselves are found faithful!


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7 thoughts on “Woe is Me (Pt. 2)

  1. Jim I just have to add something. I have been bartering for a few
    months now. It started with food, today a neighbor who installed
    my Seychelle shower head told me he was going to K mart to buy one.
    I said you can’t get it that. Well, I need two trees to come down.
    He said he would barter with me for the shower head. He was
    putting in my water barrels and the chlorine smell when he was
    testing them with a hose was overwhelming. So for one shower head
    I get 2 trees pulled down, for some food I had hurricane shutters
    put up, and numerous other things. When you talked about bartering
    I never thought of Seychelle as a bartering tool, but that is what
    he is interested in. He wants to come by and taste the water out
    of my Seychelle pitcher also. I also told him about Silver Sol.
    This is amazing. You were right.

  2. Dear Pastor Jim:

    This message could not have been more timely to my life. After over a decade of my husband and I pouring out everything in church and ministry, our pastors abruptly closed the church (too much drama to tell here). I have hurt ever since, like my heart was ripped out, and it’s seemed impossible to find a church again. When we thought we did, it was foreclosed on. Then, we moved earlier this year, and it’s seemed so hard to settle again, every church visit seeming to lead to nowhere or lifelessness. It has bothered me deeply, and I’ve battled my own wariness of others from the hurt of the past. I’ve been so lonely and cried out to God for answers and to feel His sweet presence again. I had a dream this morning, and in it I was running down a road in pitch blackness–no car lights or house lights or any way to see the dangers around. Suddenly, I felt a large, strong hand grip mine and turn me around. Then I saw a young girl (or angel) holding a flashlight and leading me back towards home. I woke up suddenly and literally felt as though that big, strong hand were still holding my hand. I knew He had not abandoned me. I know the Father was saying to me that it is time for my family to be planted again in a home–a church home, where we can flourish in the light of love and fellowship. THEN, just today, same day, I read this. Amen! I seldom write in on these type things, but I felt compelled to share. I asked our Father to send a messenger this month somehow to lead us to a place to visit since we know little about our new area. He is faithful that promised!

    Keep sharing God’s truth. There are some listening….

    Much Love to You and Yours… Lily

  3. Jim I am so full of joy to have found you preaching again and in such a time as this , God has restored you and built such faith of just whatJesus came to give restoration to the Father who cratd us and to seeyou in this capaciy justwarms my hear keep up he od work I will stand with you and the body of Christ to warn people to get into the Ark so to speak,thank you for the calling in your and Lori’s life.I will continue t hold you and Lori upto the Lord for strength and for protection as you bring his message to the World and the body of Christ.Deborah Ley

  4. Pastor Jim, Avidly my mother and I watch your tv ministry. Not just now, but previously when you were at Heritage USA. Your book “I was Wrong” should be a must read for all Christians. Never have I ever read such humbleness.

    My ears “hear” you on your current daily broadcasts. Satan attacks the truth! As a fellow student of the end time prophecies you are teaching truth! Evil and sin crucified our Lord Jesus who is the truth, way, and the life. As Jesus said we will be persecuted also.

    There are thousands upon thousand, maybe millions upon millions who are in fellowship with you. They believe the message and ministry God has called you to, and so do I.

    Sometimes you might feel isolated, sort of like an island, and the tide has the water up to your neck. Our God is the creator of the tides. He can make them subside. Be like Peter when he walked on the water. Keep your eyes focused on the Lord. Pastor, you are not alone. Many are with you in Spirit and in prayer. God Bless! Mike

  5. Dear Sir,

    Woe to Him Who is Alone

    I’m sure the children of god play together, like kids play with each other in the recreation ground, or play ground or whenever they are together playing. Like you say sir, fellowship and the unity of the church are so very important to avoid being alone without Jesus, woe is to that alone person.

    With the church being the body and Jesus being the head this is such a good analogy of how people need to work together to become efficient, like to pick something off the floor we need to bend the legs, reach down with one arm, perhaps hold on to something with the other arm, swivel the feet, grasp with the hands etc. where all the above body parts represent different people working together as a group, listening to the head who is Jesus, and inside Jesus is his father and the Holy Spirit, then and this is the good bit, when all the hard work is done the people can play together, this is true fellowship I believe.

    Woe to people who are alone without Jesus and their fellow man though.

    It’s a blessing for the people who love Jesus and love each other though, as this basically obeys god’s will, being his first two commandments of loving god, and loving man.

    Thank you for your thoughts,

    God bless,


  6. Jim,
    I read your blog and agree whole heartly, however, what do you do if there is no church where you are that beleives and preaches the whole Word of God? I live in a small community where there is no “Word” Churchs around, and I refuse to sit in a pew and listen to doctrins of men(not even supported by any form of the word). I have been here for 7 years and the only church services I attend are on TV(and they are few that agree with the Word Of God). I do love you and Lori’s program and appreciate your Godly appointment to help get people ready for the coming times. I loved and watched you as a new Christian on PTL and still love your faithfulness to the Church.
    Thank you for your love, and obedience to the voice of the Lord, in getting us ready to win souls in the upcoming last days. I have been ordering my food at $20 month and food for my family at $50 a month. This is my heart, to help your ministry with Stella’s house and Lori’s house. but cannot start until October of this year.
    May God richly bless you and uphold you in all you do for Him

  7. What words of wisdom. David had his mighty men of valor. To often
    Christians feel they have to be meek. But that does not mean weak.
    I think of Moses who according to scripture was a meek man and yet
    with great courage he led the children of Israel out of Egypt.
    He stood as the Red Sea was parted by the hand of God. He melted
    the golden calf and made that great statement who is on the Lord’s
    side among you. Jim, a friend loves at all times and our wonderful
    Lord said, I am a friend who sticks closer than a brother. I will
    never, never, never leave you nor forsake you. yes we need each

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