On Being a Bondservant of Christ (Pt. 2)

Part Two


Remembering that everything in the Kingdom of God is just exactly upside-down of what the world teaches, even our own churches tell on themselves by the messages they preach.  Are we raising up disciples or are we only another representation of a world system masquerading as a “church”?

The Gospel of Christ is referred to as a “mystery” in the Bible.  That’s because you can’t understand it at all unless God himself shows you by His Spirit, and you can’t fake it with real Christians who know what it means to be “saved”.  Christians know the Lord’s voice – and another they will not follow.  The Lord said that many will say to Him “Lord, Lord… didn’t we…” and with one of the most chilling responses I’ve ever read, Jesus answers “away from me, I NEVER KNEW YOU”.  You will never get to heaven by knowing how to maneuver within the Christian community.  You may fool a few naïve people, but you will never fool God.

When Paul came to the saving knowledge of Christ, he was completely undone.  Everything he had thought was right, was wrong.  The day Paul had held the garments of those who stoned Stephen (a true bondservant of Christ), he thought he was doing God a service.  But when God spoke to him, he said “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute ME?”  What Paul’s religion had taught him was wrong.  Paul had participated in killing the true bondservant of God because his religion blinded him to the truth and the saving knowledge of Christ.

It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?  Is it even possible to be that deceived today, that we would do diabolic things and think we are doing God a service?  It should be a lesson all of us apply to ourselves, yet we most often think of others when we hear it.

Dieing to self is a term that is tossed around all too easily in Christiandom.  Yet, dying to self is one of the requirements of being a bondservant of Christ.  In much of today’s modern Christianity, we hear so much about “fulfilling your purpose” and “how to live your best life now” and many other self-focused teachings.  Most of it stands in sharp contrast to what is really important in the Kingdom of God.

Modern Christianity wants you to have “self” esteem.  Jesus wants you to esteem others more highly than yourself.   Humility is not something that is valued in today’s society, even in churches.  The humble are considered weak and the mantra we have heard over and over is that only the strong survive.

Yet, Paul said “let the weak say I am strong.”

Paul, who was a true bondservant of Christ, when he wrote to the Galatians said:  “My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”

Being crucified with Christ and dying to self are so comprehensive that it’s hard to talk about these topics without writing an entire book – and many people have.  But the point I want to make in this series “On Being a Bondservant of Christ” is that we must return to the teachings of Christ in His Word to make sure our hearts are right with God.  No longer can we afford to appease the flesh with easy things that sound spiritual, but aren’t.  The time is short.  Jesus is coming soon!  I want to be ready!

(to be continued)



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4 thoughts on “On Being a Bondservant of Christ (Pt. 2)

  1. I watched the show today and my heart was so stirred. I always
    thought of Dino having the perfect life. Hearing him speak from
    his heart and his dear wife. Seeing their pain and seeing their
    joy. The joy that no man can take away from us. I always imagined
    Dino as being the leader of worship in heaven someday. He is so
    talented and anointed. Then there was Jim and Lori, sharing their
    pain also. Yet seeing what God has brought them through. You guys
    are real. To many church people wear a mask today. Pretending all
    is perfect. When Christians take the mask off and you really see
    them, it stirs the soul. It was always hard for me to relate to
    people who were perfect, without sin or pain. Or so it seemed.
    You give people hope and help. A slave may have more than one
    master in a lifetime. One could be cruel, mistreating his slaves
    beating them, working them nearly to death for his purpose.
    Using them, with no regard for their well being or happiness.
    Then another Master comes, who sees their plight and has
    compassion. He purchases them with a price far above silver.
    Teaches and trains them. Feeds and clothes them. He becomes their
    friend, their Saviour from the cruel Lord. That’s what Christ did
    for us. He gave us our choice to be free to go out if we so pleased.
    But the goodness of our new Master was so totally awesome, we
    wanted to remain, to be his bondservants forever. For we had
    never known one such as this. Then we hear him speak, I am your
    friend, I will never leave you or forsake you. I will fight for
    you. I will guard you like the Good Shepherd and protect you
    from the wolf. If one of you wanders off, I will leave all and
    bring you back to safety. The lamb’s legs were broken for its
    own safety and put upon the shoulder’s of the Good Shepherd.
    As he carried it back to safety. It took time to heal. When the
    healing was complete the lamb never wanted to leave the safety of
    the fold again. How great is our God, our Master and our Friend.

  2. I heard someone say once, send a 1000 dollars and God will send you
    17 angels. I wanted to weep. It seemed so wrong. From what I read
    in scripture the angels of the Lord encamps round about those that
    love and fear God. I heard another one say pray God give me my
    stuff. God help us to realize all that we have is yours. My
    prayer is God give me a heart that pleases you. Help me to know
    your voice. To not be deceived in this day and age. Where so
    much focus is put upon getting things. I can’t help but question,
    how devastated those that have been taught its all about things.
    What happens when those things are taken away. When I was a little
    girl I visited a church. I wanted a friend really bad. Another little
    girl came in, barefoot, dirty, matted hair. About 8 years old. I sat in my pew excited. Perhaps this would be my new friend. Then I watched as the elders and deacons told her. You can’t come in here like that. It made me so sad. It is many years later and I still
    think of that little girl in rags. Wondering what happened to her.
    Did she ever venture inside a church again. God help us to have the
    heart of God, reaching out to those less fortunate than us.

    • Louise, that story about the little girl just took my breath away. God forgive the church. Whatever we’ve done to the least of these, we’ve done unto the Lord.

      Maybe they have repented – we all have need of repentance. But shouldn’t the church know better than THAT?!! I guess it makes me cringe because I think of little Ricky and Marie when I first saw them.

      Every day we need to be reminded that Jesus is coming soon – and we need to keep our focus on what is important. Little children are helpless and innocent.

      Thanks for the reminder, Louise. God Bless You.


  3. Wow! This is such an eye-opener and so true. We should all strive to be bondservants of Christ! Makes me realize I have some praying to do! The church today just isn’t ready for what is coming on the earth. We have this escapist mentality and pastors today are not preparing their flocks! Please continue the work you’re doing! We are blessed to have you in the Body of Christ!

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