Will We Go Through the Tribulation? (Pt. 9)

It’s All Over But the Shouting

Have you ever wondered, Just how long God is going to put up with this sinful world?  The answer is:  this long, and no longer.  John wrote:

The angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land raised up his hand to heaven and swore by Him who lives forever and ever, who created heaven and the things that are in it, that there should be delay no longer but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of God would be finished, as He declared to His servants the prophets. (Rev. 10:5-7 NKJV)

In other words, the messenger stands on the sea and on the land and announces, “Time is over!”  Notice, the angel says, “There should be delay no longer” (v. 6).  The seventh angel is about to sound the seventh trumpet, and when it sounds, the mystery of the ages will be solved and the Lord’s return is at hand.

Ask ten Bible teachers what this mystery is and you may get ten (or more!) different answers.  I believe the mystery to which john refers is the same one the apostle Paul spoke of frequently, the mystery of the gospel.  Paul wrote, “Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery kept secret since the world began…” (Rom. 16:25 NKJV).  He uses the term in a similar way when writing to the Ephesians:  “And for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel…” (6:19 NKJV).

To the Colossians, Paul was more specific, writing, “…the mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations, but now has been revealed to His saints.  To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles:  which is Christ in you, the hope of glory” (1:26-27 NKJV).  It is the preaching of the cross and the opportunity to accept the rich, full salvation Jesus offers that is finished.  The only thing left for this world to experience is the wrath of God, but before that wrath is poured out, Jesus says, “That’s it.  Game over.”

With this in mind, Jesus’ statement concerning the Great Tribulation is easier for us to understand.

For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.  And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake thouse days will be shortened. (Matt. 24:21-22 NKJV)

Time is no more, the gospel is completed; it is time for the Lord to return!

(To Be Continued)

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Excerpt from Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse

Published in 1998

16 thoughts on “Will We Go Through the Tribulation? (Pt. 9)

  1. With great interest I have read the previous postings. I, myself, was a pre-trib rapture believer until about 10 years ago. I must agree with what the Bible and Pastor Jim says we will all go through the final tribulation and the final anti-christ experience. The main evidences I find in what is written is in the following:

    The four living creatures never stop saying in Rev 4:8, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.” As we can see the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ has not happened, but the Apostle John has already been called up to see the vision.

    The Apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 15:51, “Listen (meaning pay attention), I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed-in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye at the last (furthest one out)trumpet.

    When is the last trumpet? We read at the 7th and last trumpet in Rev 11 in verses 15 thru 17 the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ and he will reign for ever and ever and the One who is and who was (is to come is not mentioned) and have begun to reign.

    Past Jim teaches Jesus will not return till after what Jesus taught in Matt 24:29-32, Mark 13:24-29, and Luke 2125-28. Jesus does not return until after the sun and moon are darkened and the heavenly bodies are shaken. We also find the darkening in Rev 6:12-14 the sixth seal; Rev 10:7 says, “But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet the mystery of God will be accomplished just as he announced to his servants and prophets” (this is written between the 6th and 7th trumpet). We also see during the 6th vial/bowl in Rev 16:12-17 the miraculous signs of the anti-christ and the gathering for the battle. So the anti-christ comes during the 6th seal, trumpet, and vial (hence the number of the beast 666). Jesus begins to reign during the 7th seal, trumpet, and vial.

    Many pre-trib rapture believers have been taught the evidence of the the pre-trib rapture is 1 Thess 4:13 thru 18. The clouds in verse 17 is no different than the symbol of “clouds” of locust, bugs, and birds expressed in the OT. The term “clouds” means a gathering.

    The Apostle Paul writes in 2nd Thess 2:1-12 concerning the gathering the rebellion and lawless one doomed to destruction must come first, then Jesus comes.

    Concerning Pastor Jim and Lori not giving or helping others. The person who believes this has closed their ears and shut their eyes to what the Holy Spirit is doing through the Morningside and Jim Bakker ministry. Anyone who believes this I stongly suggest you go view the video archives of the Jim Bakker Show and I’ll be praying for you for God to open your heart. God Bless! Mike

  2. Hey Brother Jim, You should see about getting Walid Shoebot as a guess on your show. He wrote a fantastic book called God’s War on Terror. He was a Fatah terrorist who is now a born again Christian. He has a view on the book of Revelations from a mid-east stand point which is far different from the western view. It is a fantastic read and will open your eyes to a different perspective. As far as the rest of the comments, it is perfectly Biblical to be prepared. In fact store up food, water, and ammo. The food you may want to share, but don’t forget during bad times the person you share with may decide to kill you and take what you have. Be very careful who you share with or tell you even have food, hince the ammo. You will need to protect what you have from the low lifes who will kill you and your family for food. People in America don’t want to think it will happen here, but if you live in a city with gangs roaming the streets you know what I mean. Now some of you might think I am not doing what Jesus would do, but I will share my food and water and even my house, but only to whom I choose and and can trust. Things are gonna get real bad, real fast, I am prepared to ride out the tribulation till the end, barring a nuke strike on my city. I can’t beleive I was always taught that we christians would taken out before anything bad happens. Then I woke up and read the Bible, I mean really read it, clearing my mind of all the church doctrines I was taught and I saw the truth finally. We are going to go through the tribulation, and be caught up with Jesus at the sounding of the last (7th) trump. I thank God daily for allowing me to live in this glorious time, I have no fear, for I know what is coming. God bless you Jim and all you on this sight.

  3. shirley,
    remember the parable of the wise and foolish virgins in matthew 25 1-13
    from this parable we know that the ten had known of this wedding that was going to take place but they knew not at what hour.5 prepared for a longer wait and 5 prepared for a shorter waiting for the bride groom.the 5 wise virgins took extra oil for their lamps because they did not speculate at what time the bride groom was coming but they knew that the bride groom was coming.the foolish virgins speculated that they knew when the bride groom was coming so they only brought enough oil for their speculation of the bridegrooms arrival.this parable is pertaining to the importance of being prepared and watching v5 but while the bridegroom was delayed they all slumbered and slept.v 6 and at midnight a cry was heard (or a shout)behold the bridegroom is coming go out to meet him then v7 all those virgins arosed and trimmed their lamps.the wise were prepared cause they brought vessels filled with extra burning oil and the foolish just brought lamps filled with oil.when the foolished asked the wise for some of their oil the wise said no lest there should not be enough for us and you but go to those who sell and buy for yourself.v10 shows the importance of being prepared while the foolish went to buy the bridegroom came and those who were ready(prepared) went in with him (bridegroom)to the wedding and the door was shut.v11 afterward the other virgins came also saying lord lord open to us but he answered and said assuredly i say to you i do not know you.watch therefore you know neither the day nor the hour in which the son of man is coming.the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ is the most important event which will ever take place in our time.1st peter 5:4 told us when the chief shepard(Jesus Christ)appears you will recieve the crown of glory that does not fade away.the 5 wise virgins refused to give oil to the 5 foolish yet the 5 wise went in to the wedding.when God gives revelations to his children and some take that revelation and begin to prepare for the times by storing food and the wise say buy your food for the times are coming when you will not be able to afford any. but now is the time!! and the foolish sit back and scoff and say in their hearts why shall we buy the ones who claim are christians will feed us for they are storing up.Don’t be surprise when the wise who have been storing say NO for we should not have enough for you and us. if joseph did not take Gods revelation of famine coming upon the land seriously the egyptians and the jews would of perished.If we don’t take the times at hand seriously then we also will perish.
    Jim I thank you for being the voice and shouting wake up people the time is at hand may God continue to bless you and I love the boldness that you have because their are not many preachers preaching we will go through tribulations.

    • excellent follow up on the rapture (what Darby and Scofield never dared to do. People tend to be in denial it will shortly come to past when you shall many earth shattering problems will happen with in days not months I firmly believe this in my spirit. Shalom

  4. I appreciate these articles and the highlight of every day Mon thru
    Friday is watching your show. I am so thankful to have learned
    about the Food for Health and the Seychelle pitcher. It gives one
    comfort knowing God has a plan to help his people. I also am a canner.
    I gardened and put up some canned stuff. I have such a strong
    feeling that a great storm or calamity is about to happen. I hope I am
    wrong. My prayer is when it hits, God help me to be a blessing to
    others. Help me to know what to do with what you have blessed me
    with. Whether to barter or just share. I have seen your heart when
    you often speak, about helping others. Sometimes we feel like we
    don’t make a difference. What a difference we could make during a
    natural disaster or something worse, if we could offer a bowl of soup, feed a hungry child. Teach someone else how to plant a garden.
    Comfort a widow. There will be great opportunity in the coming days
    to be a blessing. God put a hedge of protection around you and your lovely family. Continue to sound the alarm. The King is coming

  5. I have to kindly disagree with Shirley since she may be assuming some things. First, I think that genuine Christians would indeed share their food with others. Second, many Christians may flee cities (especially for the sake of their children) when they get exceedingly wicked and dangerous and the call is to come out of Babylon; cities will get so wicked the Lord will destroy them with the worst quake of all time (Rev. 16). Third, if we provide not for our own we’re worse than unbelievers, the Word says. Fourth, when much of the world during the tribulation takes the Mark and they damn their own souls, it would be too late and too useless for believers to stay in cities anyway. Since many still foolishly believe they will be raptured before the tribulation, here’s a thought-provoking item I saw on the net:

    How can the “rapture” be “imminent”? Acts 3:21 says that Jesus “must” stay in heaven (He is now there with the Father) “until the times of restitution of all things” which includes, says Scofield, “the restoration of the theocracy under David’s Son” which obviously can’t begin before or during Antichrist’s reign. Since Jesus must personally participate in the rapture, and since He can’t even leave heaven before the tribulation ends, the rapture therefore cannot take place before the end of the trib! Paul explains the “times and the seasons” (I Thess. 5:1) of the catching up (I Thess. 4:17) as the “day of the Lord” (5:2) (which FOLLOWS the posttrib sun/moon darkening – Matt. 24:29; Acts 2:20) WHEN “sudden destruction” (5:3) of the wicked occurs! (If the wicked are destroyed before or during the trib, who would be left alive to serve the Antichrist?) Paul also ties the change-into-immortality “rapture” (I Cor. 15:52) to the posttrib end of “death” (15:54)! (Will death be ended before or during the trib?) If anyone wonders how long pretrib rapturism has been taught, he or she can Google “Pretrib Rapture Diehards.” Many are unaware that before 1830 all Christians had always viewed I Thess. 4’s “catching up” as an integral part of the final second coming to earth. In 1830 it was stretched forward and turned into a separate coming of Christ. To further strengthen their novel view, which the mass of evangelical scholars rejected throughout the 1800s, pretrib teachers in the early 1900s began to stretch forward the “day of the Lord” (what Darby and Scofield never dared to do) and hook it up with their already-stretched-forward “rapture.” Many leading evangelical scholars still weren’t convinced of pretrib, so pretrib teachers then began teaching that the “falling away” of II Thess. 2:3 is really a pretrib rapture (the same as saying that the “rapture” in 2:3 must happen before the “rapture” [“gathering”] in 2:1 can happen – the height of desperation!). Other Google articles throwing light on long-covered-up facts about the 181-year-old pretrib rapture view include “Famous Rapture Watchers,” “X-Raying Margaret,” “Revisers of Pretrib Rapture History,” “Thomas Ice (Bloopers),” “Wily Jeffrey,” “The Rapture Index (Mad Theology),” “America’s Pretrib Rapture Traffickers,” “Roots of (Warlike) Christian Zionism,” “Scholars Weigh My Research,” “Pretrib Hypocrisy,” “Pretrib Rapture Desperados” and “Deceiving and Being Deceived” – all by the author of the bestselling book “The Rapture Plot” which is available at Armageddon Books online. Just my two cents’ worth.

  6. hi, Jim,
    I wanted to say thanks for getting people ready for the times ahead,
    we have been preparing for quite a while now, still havent received our water pitchers yet??? but I know they will be here soon ,
    its been a month since we ordered them,
    One more comment though, that is on my heart,
    I know that you are the main man on the program,and we love to hear you teach about the Lord, but could you PLEASE let Lori and your guest talk too, they seem to have a hard time getting a word in edge wise 🙂
    just a thought,,, thanks again God Bless, Kim

  7. Jim said to share the Lord will protect your supply do not fear if it is stolen he will have a way of replenish it. No doubt horrible times are comming I believe as jim said that with the floods will create a major earth quake Yeshua has put in my spiritual ears sooner then you think .

  8. I am a pretriber and I know that Jim would not hold that against me. We did order the food for a lot of reasons. Storms, unemployment, and the fact that food prices are skyrocketing. I know that Jim has given food already to some of the flood victims and would give to anyone who needed it. I also thought that being a pretriber, if I am right, this stored food would be the only way people would have a chance at not taking the mark of the beast. I almost feel the Holy Spirit is moving us for such a time. Either way, pretrib, midtrib or posttrib I will look forward to meeting Jim and Lori in Heaven. They are doing God’s work and their Spirit is so obvious. Thank you for all you are doing and God Bless you and your ministry.

  9. I just listened to your ad for your dried food for the
    coming time when food is not available…
    How could you or anyone else -just feed themselves
    and , maybe , their families -and not share with
    others around them who do not have any food?
    There would be so many not ready -it would be impossible
    to help them all.
    Are we to just watch them starve -and say “Too bad for you,
    you were not prepared, but good for us- we were prepared?

    If it is as bad as it has been in past history..
    People will be killing for food….
    What good does it do to have stored food available
    under circumstances like that?

    Just wondering…..
    Sincerely Shirley Spencer

    • Shirley, I wanted to add to your comment. Unfortunately, the bible speaks about a great famine in the land in Revelation 6. This unfortunate has to come to pass. This is why it is so important to prepar. When people are in the path of a hurricane, do they remain even though the warnings have been given to them. Hopefully they will prepare to leave the area ASAP. Many will not be prepared and sadly many people will die. Pastor Bakker is sounding the trumpet but many are in denial believing the U.S. could never be reduced to a third world country. I believe for the people who are wisely storing, they will share their food with family and friends in need. I seriously do not believe the mentally will be “too bad for you”. As Christians, we cannot take that stand even though people have been warned of the coming calamaties. We still have to help those in need. Our first concern will and should be to our immediate family. This is a time of great grace. We should ALL heed the warnings that are coming forth as that window of grace is slowing closing. When that time comes, the time for preparation will be too late.

    • Shirley, you really don’t listen to Jim and Lori, do you? If you did you would hear their heart. They said BE READY so you can help those who can’t or those who didn’t get read ( I like what Ashly and Angel said). They also say all the time, you don’t have to buy their food to get ready. But be ready, start stocking up with brown rice, beans ect. Their not saying, “TO BAD FOR YOU” they never say that. They want people to BE READY for what ever is to come. Yes, not everyone will be ready because not everyone will believe to be ready. READ the word, know what it is saying. I am sad for you, because I think your missing it. Yes, people will kill for food, it doesn’t mean you will be killed. So don’t prepare? That doesn’t make sense to me. Jim and Lori have a burden to get people ready for what’s to come. They want people to be saved. GOD said that we need to PRAY for our pastor’s and our leaders, are you praying for Jim and Lori?. Me MUST endure in trials. Just because we are “CHRISTIANS” doesn’t mean things won’t happen to us, the key is are we right with GOD, have we asked for forgiveness? are we receiving forgiveness? So called CHRISTIANS need to open their eyes and start listening to GOD. LOVE LOVE LOVE, not hate hate hate. Keep watching Jim’s show, you will see what he is saying. I never met them, and I don’t know them personally, but I can feel their heart when I watch them. I GET IT!. I may not have the money to buy the food their selling (and believe me, its the best price in town, I’ve checked) but I’m still getting ready the way I can. Read the word… Be loving, rejoice in the LORD ALWAYS, and don’t be afraid for what’s coming, just be ready….. GOD loves you,

    • Shirley, From the way you wrote your statement I perceive a possible frustration or agitation. Many “christians” are not into self. As an example the Lord has blessed my family and I with the ability to purchase approximately 9000 emergency food meals and enough water filters for about 5000 gallons of drinkable water. This is not only for our own personal use, but also to help others when the need arises.

      Jesus promises where two or three are gathered together in His name there he will be also. I believe God is my protector, my fortress, and my shield.

      God has commanded me not to fear those who can kill my flesh but have fear of Him who can kill both body and soul. If my flesh dies because of helping and loving others while I am being obedient to what God has called me to I am ok with that. This may surprise you, so is my wife.

      The life of being a servant for Jesus Christ requires a lot of love for others, no matter what the reprocussions may bring. Trust in the Lord is confidence in Him. When committed to Him, you rest in Him. God Bless! Mike

  10. Pastor Bakker, thank God for enlightening the body of Christ in a way that only you can do. I pray that many christians eyes will be opened to the times we are living in. I remember hearing you speak maybe two months ago where God showed you Memphis and New Orleans under water. Well, parts of Memphis is certainly under water. I reside in New Orleans and I’m very concerned about what’s coming our way. Most of the people here have put all their faith in the levees for protection. It’s a scary thought to put your faith in a levee. Most people are not concerned about what’s coming our way. I’ve been sounding the trumpet put people think I’m nuts. I’ve also shared with my family about storing up food and again, they think I’ve lost my mind. I can see where the enemy has lulled a great many people to sleep.

    I pray that God will continue to use you to sound the trumpet for the days ahead. May his blessings and protection continue to wash over you.

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